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Fuck Yeah Fest Fest

So, I went to Coachella for the first time this year, right? It was amazing, for the most part. I only say for the most part because of something that happened the first night that had nothing to do with the festival itself. BUT ANYWAY. The third and last day, Death from Above 1979 performed. It was their first real show in maybe 5-6 years. I really wanted to see them even though I only knew one song, "Romantic Rights", and even that I knew vaguely because the friend that I was with at Coachella had put it on a mix she made for me and it was cool and everything, whatever. However, during their set the equivalent of a musical orgasm (aurgasm?), eye porn, etc etc occurred that made me reevaluate my life and changed my life for the next couple of months so far thereafter - I became OBSESSED with Death From Above 1979. Obsessed. Specifically with the lead singer, Sebastien Grainger.

Hell, I even became slightly just as obsessed with the pornstache and the shittiness of fellow member Jesse F Keeler's slightly more popular side project, MSTRKRFT

I'm just showing you Jesse's picture for now but, whatever.

Cue to about a month later when I read that the FYF Fest lineup will be announced soon. The FYF Fest is a mini, one-day Coachella occurring every first Saturday of September in the heart of Los Angeles, with rawkin' chillwave buzzbands, Hipster Runoff favorites, totally indie-looking douchebags, and a bunch of dust and absence of water running amok all over the place. I have never been, and would very much like to go this year. Then I saw this:

Apparently this is in the latest issue of SPIN magazine. Do you see that in the lower, lefthand corner? DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979! Oh, and Girls and Descendents, too. Descendents is one of my friend's favorite bands. The friend who I went to Coachella with and put DFA on a mix CD for me. This will be great. SPIN magazine has fucked things up so badly for FYF, but this is one faux pas I can live with.

Cue to me freaking out so badly. Cue to FYF Fest telling everyone they are going to announce the lineup on Monday, June 6. Cue to June 6. Cue to them not announcing the lineup, only announcing that they will announce hints everyday until they announce the actual lineup. Which. They have not yet announced yet.

Anyway, here are the clues they have given thus far:
  • This is an easy one.... The hints will get harder.
  • A sign on a popular street in Los Angeles reads this band name in neon letters. Do you want to know the street?
  • Charles Barkley started his NBA career in the city that this band is from & 88’ they released their biggest hit.
  • "County Line"
  • Not one but two bands are playing FYF that share this zip code- M6K 1L4. Can you guess?
  • Neither of the bands from the M6K 1L4 zip code have played FYF... So I guess that means obvious guess isn't going to be there
The last two clues almost broke my heart but in a good way. I think we all know that conglomeration of number and letters that spell out a zip code could only be Canada, and upon further investigation, yes it is in Toronto. DFA is from Toronto. WHO ELSE COULD BE PLAYING AT FYF FEST??? BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE??......MSTRKRFT???

I am aware that this FYF Fest news will only be exciting and a couple of the clues will only make sense to indie music lovers in Los Angeles, but.......exciting nonetheless, right?


  1. DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979 is fucking awesome. I have to say though, I don't understand any of those clues. I like MSTRKRFT but Sebastian is a lot hotter. and I've said my piece.

  2. i didn't understand any of them except the last clue

  3. The first one makes me want to guess The Mars Volta, because they have used artwork featuring Baphomet on many of their t-shirt designs. Also a song of theirs references Baphomet. Of course, I'm not certain that my guess is correct, but it's the only thing that sprang to mind.


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