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Hello, my name is Ryan and I have a girlfriend now.

This has been an official thing (or rather, she sent the request on Facebook, which totally makes it official) since Monday I think it was. I've been dating this girl for maybe a month or so, but it's not the same as her being your girlfriend, it turns out. I'm not sure why.

We did, however, skip the "meeting" phase. I've heard people talk about how they're meeting someone, so of course I ask when and where and all the juicy gossip stuff, and it turns out meeting is a relationship status here now. From what I can understand, this thing is a little more serious than just hanging out, but not as serious as going on a date. I didn't know it was needed, but hey, the average relationship of a 15 year old has now increased to 4 days here so it must be working.

But yes, Ryan has a girlfriend! She's a lovely girl. She's smart, funny, quiet and not a slut. I have not seen her naked yet, and it is killing me. I don't consider myself a bad person because of that but a girl has never made me wait this long for sex. And in a way, I like being made to wait. I've gotten to know this girl better than I've known most of my exes in half the time. I would have done it before now but the girls of my past have always been all for diving in to bed. The sluts.

Gemma is staying the night at my house tonight, and she sent me a text saying that she had her cute PJs chosen out ready and special. This could go two ways. They could be a nice little shirt and tiny, tiny shorts. Or they could be this huge matching stripey long sleeve shirt and pants thing. Either way, I'm betting she looks hella cute in them.

I am left with a conundrum, of course. Normally, I share my bedroom with my younger brother. This week however my parents and younger brother are on vacation, so there's two beds spare in my room. One for me, one for her. Of course, she may be okay with us sharing a bed. It'd be a squeeze, but hey, that just means more cuddles, right? But, if she doesn't want us sharing a bed, do I offer her my bed? Do I offer her the brother's bed? If she is okay with us sharing a bed, how the hell do I keep what I'm going to call... My attraction to her, under wraps?

In more general terms, she makes me nervous. I've always been quite insecure about girls, and this is made worse by the fact that Gemma is cute, she has a great body, and she is a catch in every sense of it. She has a best friend, who just to add to my insecurity, is a guy. This guy lives like, down the road to her. How can I compete with that?! I know how guys work. We always have crushes on friends. I don't doubt this guy would do disgusting and potentially illegal things to my girlfriend. That said, it's not that bad now that me and Gemma are in a relationship on Facebook, because he Liked it.I have his approval. It is against the man code for him to move in on my woman. Unless, of course, I break Gemma's heart and she is vulnerable when, while it makes him a bad person, she does become fair game.

Well, that's my post. Now, I'm going to go clean every inch of the house I can reach in preparation for Gemma getting here.


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