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Au Revoir Simone! (sort of)

Brooklynites Au Revoir Simone are indie pop darlings, and pretty hard not to like. Also:  they took their name from a Pee Wee Herman reference! Try topping THAT, Lykke. 

Things have been kind of quiet on the Au Revoir Simone horizon, lately. But not really! As Annie Hart answered via email, there's a lot going on for the band members, both professionally (ALBUM FOUR) and personally (school and family!). All in all- an exciting time to be a part of this delightful trio! Annie is awesome, as her answers prove, and shows where to go in Brooklyn, because even though I live here I'm clueless. 

Au Revoir Simone has been quiet lately! Are you guys taking a break or working on new stuff at the moment?

Annie:  We had been taking a little bit of a break for Heather to focus on her school work and for me to have a baby.  But these days we are in full force at rehearsals and writing new songs for our next record, tentatively titled Album Four.  I'm actually joking about that, but that's the title of the folder in my email I use to organize correspondence relating to the record.  I'm quite serious about that.

You were just booked for the Escape to New York festival. Are you guys excited? It has a pretty good line-up, from the looks of it.

Annie:  I am very excited.  We always have a great time at Secret Garden Party.  The crowd is so sweet and with artist passes you can ride the ferris wheel for free!  There's a new-age, old hippy vibe in the English version that includes face painting, homemade saunas, and hula-hoop contests.  I'm from Long Island, so this will be a nice chance for my family to see what I do in an environment hopefully filled with acid droppers.

You guys are based in Brooklyn, correct? Do you connect with a lot of other musicians that are based in the Brooklyn area (seems to be many)?

Annie:  Yes, we are based in Brooklyn and yes we have at least twenty friends who are not in the music scene.  Our other 768 friends are in bands, and many of them will be at the festival and hopefully we will connect in the catering tent for some veggie burgers.

That being said, where are your favorite places to go in Brooklyn?

Annie: Well, now I spend a lot of time at the library and in the sprinkler zone at the playground, but I'm sure that's not what you mean.  I'm sure you are talking about the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, with it's lovely picnic nooks, or Fulton Ferry, where you can eat yummy ice cream while waiting on line for a boat to Governor's Island.  Or maybe for partying you enjoy a good dive bar and want to hang at the Levee. (dive bars!!!!) 

Any parting thoughts? What can people expect from Au Revoir Simone in the future?

Annie: You can look out for our next album, which will most certainly not be called Album Four.

Au Revoir Simone "All or Nothing" (English Version) from DAVID BLACK on Vimeo.

Many thanks to Annie and the other great girls of Au Revoir Simone!


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