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Crescent Direct Guitar Review

Crescent Direct Guitars -- Full Review

This is a guitar they are trying to sell to you for just $35 (free shipping).

Image edited to hide the glare from the fingerprints.

So on eBay and other parts of the internet, there is a company called “Crescent Direct,” that is selling a brand new guitar full size (38 inches) for $34.99 in a black finish, including a 30 day return policy. Furthermore, there are now about over 1,000 positive reviews backing up this guitar.

Is a Crescent Direct Guitar a scam or just an insanely hot deal?

Well, here is what your life might be like after taking the gamble and purchasing a Crescent Direct Guitar.

There is an important note at the end.

When I received this guitar, there was no sealing on the box. It was not a Crescent Direct box, but some green thing that had the word “Guitar” written in different languages “La Guitarra,” “Chitarra” or “La Guitarre.” The box was also torn, and I will note again that there was not any kind of protective sealing.

No tape.

No stables.

No brads.

Nothing of any kind to secure the box.

Photo Unedited*

This is a look at what the Crescent Direct Guitar looks like fresh from the box.

Photo Unedited*
The really small white things you see are dents in the wood and chips in the paint.

The word felt like cardboard. It was covered in dents and scratches, and I am a person that loves to add tapping on the body of the guitar. I tried that, and I had to stop because I thought I was going to break it in two pieces with even the smallest feather-light touch.
Very low quality materials.

I replied with on Ebay in the feedback section.
*Cheap Wood, filled with dents and scratches, but it was only $35.*

The headstock is the piece that is in the best condition. In fact, it is not bad. The only thing I found surprising was that it bears no logo or any marking identifying Crescent Direct.

Photo Unedited*

Really, I do not want this to come across as totally biased and one-sided. So I will add that I liked the strings, and how they felt. I do a lot of slap guitar, and I thought the strings fit loosely on the guitar, and it made it really easy to slap and a get a good sound as well as plucking the strings. They were horrible for chord strumming though.

Also, it didn’t help that the guitar seemed like it was held together with super glue.

So, I was wondering; how did this low quality guitar have like 1,000 positive/fantastic ratings on Ebay.

If you are still considering getting a Crescent Direct Guitar, here is something that is a must read.

I got a call later that evening from a Crescent Direct CSR, and she asked me. I’m paraphrasing, but this is close to the verbatim conversation.

CSR: “Hi, did you read the label on the box that says call us before leaving negative feedback on Ebay?”

Me: No, and so what?

CSR: Well, did you know that this product is covered by a 30 day refund policy?

Me: Yes, I did, but your refund policy says that the buyer has to pay the shipping. If I have to pay to send it back, I don’t get the guitar, and I lose money.

CSR: Well, that’s why you should call us. We can send you a shipping label, and you can get a full refund.

Me: Oh…well, okay that sounds good. But I am guessing you want me to take down the negative feedback I left on Ebay.

CSR: Yeah, that would be great.

(CSR keeps up her end of the deal. She sends me a shipping label via Email)

CSR: So if you could give us a positive rating and give us all five star ratings that would be great. The stars are what’s important the most.

Me: Well, is that fair? I mean, I’m not using this product.

CSR: You’re not going to give us a positive rating?

Me: Well, it’s just how can I say it’s a good product, when I am not using it. In fact, I’m returning it because it’s not a good product.

CSR: Rate the customer service then.

Me: Okay, since you are being helpful, and you sent me the shipping label. I’ll give you the ratings and a positive.

The source of their long list of positive ratings.

I returned the guitar very soon after that, and there was no refund. I called multiple times, and they said they needed all kinds of information from me. Then, after I told them that was a crock of shite, they simply said it would take two weeks to process. I just opened up a Paypal dispute, and that is the reason I got my money back. It took a lot of time and energy to get that refund.

Waste of Time. Waste of Life.
This is an inexpensive guitar, but if you just buy an acoustic from Wal-Mart you will be much better off.

It's hard to call this a scam.
I was wondering, but the way they can turn this into a scam is....they send you the piece of junk in a junky box, and then when you complain and return's just what I feared.....they don't refund your money, and they get the guitar to send to someone else. I would not expect a real Company to go that low, but after the fight I had to put up to get my money back, these people are evil.Evil Doers.

What is the lowest price guitar you have ever seen?


  1. YEAH GUYS don't buy guitar from that that company i paid 34.99 for guitar on 12 /9/2011, and i send them e-mail and said please mail me guitar soon u can, so i got e-mail back , out of office, so i used my paypal account, and i have 2 address one billing and one shipping, and i called crecent direct spoke with a women and verify the address , and told her please send my order to shipping address in oregon, she is no worry u will get it by this thursday cuz u jus live in a next state, so here today is thursday 21st im waiting for a guitar and i called them this morning and i talked to 1st person who said they sent me order where it suppose to go , im like no you didn;t not send me order right place that city is hours away from my place and im can't drive cuz i broke my leg 4 weeks ago that's reason even i order online and talk to person on monday, i asked her can you go get that person who talked to me on monday afternoon , she said we never talked to u ,, im like i have t-mobile phone and record showing called and talking time , r u kidding me , seriouly, im like i would like to talk to manager, so i explained everything , manager was reallly rude and bitchy and said, you give us that address and you r wrong, me and other girl work here, we can't change address , im like well i can't drive but i can send someone to dat city pick stuff for me but in favor i shoud get discount , she is like oh no we can't do that , you jus want and want more , you not willing to give ,,,dude i was like wat the u r talking about, i paid you guys and i want my item on right address, she said , she only will send me my item to my address if i give them good review on ebay , cuz 5 star matter to their company, im like how i can trust you now , 1st u telling me , i never talked to guys, which i have proof and 2nd you are threatining me , 3rd you telling ,customers wrong , why should i give u good review , all i asking my item on my address, cuz i paid the money , so she start yelling at me and then i said i wanna talk to owner she is like, like owner give a shyt, im like can i talk to him please ,,, here owner start talking didn't wanna to listen to me , then i explained everything, he is like u only have one choice i ll send u ur order right place tomarow and but before i do that i want u to goto my website on ebay write that u love my crecent direct comapny and they r great ,,,im like dude u can't make me , ill do that when i get my order 1st u theatning me for review and u r refusing to send my order, and i said well keep ur damm guitar i need my money back he like well good luck cuz that will take a long time i m willing to wrk with u but u need to give me good review after that ill send ur order.... so please guys don't buy stuff from this company they have no respect for customer all they greedy basted care abut their review , they are so rude , including manager and 2 women who wrk there, wtf i never ever in my life deal with these kind of owner and manager, no one ever threaten me like this ,,, please beware of these greedy comapny who r unproffesional , and rude , and tell their customer they r wrong ,,, why anybody wanna have business with em ,so please don't buy stuff from em ,, im not lying, i jus don't want anybody else go thru this , i have to call paypal to get my money back , so i have no item , they kept my money too,, so i m fighting for my money , please email me if u guys have same problem ,, we should all complaint about this company , cuz no one deserve to treated like this ,
    here is my item info so u know im not lying ..

    NEW CUTAWAY Acoustic Guitar+GIGBAG+STRAP+TUNER+LESSON (250811290798)
    Color: Pink

    Sale date: 12/18/11

    Tracking number: 1Z9Y73X60348110386

    Estimated Delivery: 12/20/11 - 12/26/11

  2. We purchased 2 small pianos and 2 guitars from Raul Rivera at the asd show in Las Vegas last August. He promised delivery in a week. As of this writting on 11-21-12 we have recieved nothing. We called the company 6 times and have recieved nothing, no product no refund. Do not purchase from this company they are liars and cheats and that is being polite.

  3. Very helpful honestly.. I've been looking at guitars to buy because I'm looking to buy one & learn to play the acoustic. & this guitar was one of the ones I bookmarked to get. I thought it was great. I started thinking its too good to be true, so I started trying to look for reviews. Luckily, I found this one! I'm going to eliminate this option immediately. I thought it was inexpensive & since I'm a beginner, I wouldnt need a very complex guitar, but after reading this, I know now. Thank you do much!

  4. NEVER EVER buy anthing from this company! The products are CRAP and I'm being polite! I've been in dispute with them for a refund since January and was told today that my refund "was denied" because I "left negative feedback". If you would like to contact me about this my email is The only reason I'm posting as anonymous is because I don't have any of the accounts here to login with. BOTTOM LINE....YOU DO BUISNESS WITH THEM, YOU MAY AS WELL FLUSH YOUR MONEY DOWN THE TOILET!

  5. A friend of mine brought me his Cresent electric Strat guitar to fix, because it hummed alot. I found that it didn't have shielding, had inferior pots/pickups/tuners, etc. He wanted me to fix it. I cautioned him as to the cost, but he wanted to have it sound good. So, long story short, I replaced everything, adjusted the neck, tuned, etc. After about $300, he had a decent sounding guitar. A fool and his money.

  6. I just found a Crescent acoustic for my young son in a thrift store for $20 and that is about what it is worth - cheapest and poorest construction I've ever seen. I've got to get my Guild tuned up anyway, so I'm send it in to see what a guitar tech thinks before having the frets and action worked on. Up close, it really is a horrible looking six string. Great for the beach - and if need be, for fire wood.

  7. I ordered the electric with gig bag and amp...they cant even seem to ship it there swearing up and down they have this has been ah week and ah half long process im startin to have serious doubts

  8. I found on eBay a Crescent WHITE Electric Bass Guitar Combo. Won the bid $139. I was the only bidder, that should have been a give away that the product is crap. Since Monday 1,2014 I have been going back and forth with emails on eBay because on Monday I got my tracking info. Crescent used the eBay product number as their imaginary FedEx tracking number. It is Tuesday and I contacted FedEx about my tracking number. FedEx had no tracking number recorded. Wednesday and still no movement from FedEx. Been going back and forth with Crescent on emails threw eBay, to keep a record. Crescent stated and I quote. "We contacted FedEx and got no response. FedEx usually does not accept responsibility for lost or damaged packages and are reshipping my order." This email was sent to me after I contacted PayPal about this and all the reviews I found about Crescent and their dummy shipping tracking numbers. After doing more reviews on their product, they can keep it. Its cheap crap and most of the time its defected.

    1. That price should not be a cue. I've found Ibanez, Archer, Squier, Dean and a couple others at or under that price. Good to do the homework on it though.

    2. Complete rip off, STAY AWAY, read the reviews
      all crap and very shady employees. Look at all the
      bad reviews on ebay and amazon

  9. I found on eBay a Crescent WHITE Electric Bass Guitar Combo-update....12/8/2014 I just got the bass guitar after PayPal got on Crescent's butt. I told Crescent by e-mail that when I get the Bass guitar I will be doing a detailed review on it. Crescent e-mail and I quote. "That fine, we are a fast growing company and we want you to review our product. Just remember that this is a beginner guitar and it may not operate like a professional interment." Now, first off. The third string on the bass keeps popping out of the bone nut that is soft plastic. The top pickup is pushed in like there are no springs behind the mount for the pickup to keep it up. There is a chip in the top of the fret board before the plastic bone nut. On top of that, the 15watt amp that they say is 15watts!!! Is really a 8watt RMS amp, 15watts PEAK. I plug into the California amp that came with the kit and I have to turn up the amp volume all the way to even hear the bass. The amp is a guitar amp not a bass amp. I called the company and they said to post pictures of the chip and bone nut on eBay's e-mail. So I did, took like 2min. I called them back to make sure they got the e-mail and I got a recording that they are now closed. I just talked to them like 2min ago. So, I sent Crescent 3 e-mails about how this was a birthday gift to my daughter. I told them that after contacting PayPal about there so called shipping mishap. And after PayPal sent Crescent an e-mail for a real shipping tracking number. I gave Crescent a chance and they still sent me a bad product. So now that I am really mad and now they know it, lets see what happens.

  10. thanks this helped

  11. My own experience with this company / ebay seller was quite frustrating and took up several days. They admit that they "usually" don't even require return of their defective junk unless it was damaged in shipment. Despite admitting this in an ebay message ebay not only wouldn't "help" them to expedite a refund without return, they deleted the negative feedback I left for them. I have never left negative feedback before. Ebay escalated problems even worse and was quite unprofessional so be warned that Ebay may even deprive an Ebay buyer of buyer rights that Ebay offers, this Ebay seller may be pulling strings unethically at Ebay. Fortunately for me PayPal was able to help but probably the seller will get to keep their ill-gotten gains without any negative feedback warnings within the Ebay community.

    1. Wow! I just had a similar experience! When my guitar didn't come by the published due date, I e mailed them and asked them for a refund. They gave an excuse blaming fed ex and said I could have a refund, or if I could wait another week, they would have one shipped out in a week. I told them that I wanted the refund. After another week went by with no word, I filed a complaint with e bay. Magically they sent out the guitar, not a refund! Clearly not what I wanted, or what we agreed on. Another week later, the guitar arrived in good condition. E bay sided with the seller, and even blocked my negative feedback! Protection for dishonesty, going back on what was promised, and a falsified shipping time frame? 3 weeks to get an item is unacceptable from anywhere in the USA. It is also 2 weeks past their shipping time frame described in their posting. Then lying to me about a refund they never intended to send. Both are breaking the rules of selling on e bay. Don't be fooled by the e bay satisfaction guarantee! They do not always side with the person being wronged.

  12. They seem very childish and imature,,,they are a bunch of poop-noses..yeah,,and their shoes smell like poop too.

    1. Yes they are, Husband and wife rip off team, going
      to get whats coming to them

  13. Thanks, but i'm going to get one anyway, just so i can see what its like first hand, and then, smash it i guess. XD

  14. DO NOT BUY, you have been
    Warned, litterally crap in
    A box, terrible service, read
    The reviews for yourself..
    A bunch of crooks.
    Check reviews on EBay and Amazon.
    Just dont buy, go somewhere

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  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Very helpful honestly.. I've been looking at guitars to buy because I'm looking to buy one & learn to play the acoustic. This site helps me alot to find guitars.

  20. Ensuring a guitar is legitimately set up can hugy affect how it feels to play. In the event that anything in the above rundown needs consideration, get the expert at the store to set up the instrument for you before you get it. With some modest instruments, no measure of set up will settle the issue. You most likely need to avoid these!If you want to know more, Please check out here: Acoustic Guitar

  21. Amy and Ian Huang
    Ripoff team, founders
    of Crescent Direct.
    They will get what
    they deserve


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