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Interview with RamzPaul

So hello world. I’m Nader Boulberhane, and on this Friday, I got to sit down (on computer) with RamzPaul from His site can be political, and his site can be opinionated, but it seems his youtube videos and website get more and more viewers each day.

Here is what Paul and I got to talk about.
NB: For starters, I’ve been following you closely, but for anyone that is brand new to , what is your website all about?

RMZ: Someone once described my videos as Nationalism meets Pop Culture. I found that description to be rather amusing and accurate. Mostly I just make videos that poke fun at the establishment's religion known as political correctness.

NB: So you’re website and videos just keep getting more and more popular, how far are you planning to go with this?

RMZ: I think it is good to have big ambitions. Unfortunately, I am not a very ambitious person. Goals? Objectives? Mission Statements? Forget about it. Mostly I just drink and make a silly video based on what I see in the news for that day.
My videos started as an accident. Three years ago I thought YouTube would be a pretty cool way to talk to my brother who lives across the country in California. I forgot to make a video private and I as astonished to see like 12 other people watched it. So I decided to make a video for the people I knew on a now defunct forum known as LibertyForum. The video sucked, but people seemed to like it so I made more.
Eventually my videos became popular. As my videos became more popular, I was forced to remove much of my old videos because they were more like private conversations.
One thing led to another and before I knew it I had a friend send me a link to a thread in which strangers were discussing if I was a degenerate. I was tempted to create an account and tell them that - OF COURSE I AM A DEGENERATE YOU FUCKING WEIRDOS.
Anyway, my videos are just my vice. If I was more respectable I would just watch pr0n or get addicted to pain pills like everyone else.

NB: You really never think about being on tv or the radio getting your name in lights? I mean, just because one has fame, one does not have to end up like some of the crazies you mentioned.

RMZ:Well, it would be fun to be able to go into re-hab like all the famous people do. Sort of a status symbol to go into re-hab and heal.

NB: What is the most absurd thing that has recently happened in America?

RMZ: Watching the mainstream media refer to African-Americans in their 20s or 30s as "Youths" or "Teens" is fucking hilarious. They do this to get around reporting the race of the flash mobs. Soon I expect the media to call Obama our first "Teen" president.

NB: Who will win the Presidency in 2012? Barack Obama or some Republican?

RMZ: I don't think it matters. But based on demographic changes, Republicans will have troubles winning anything in the future. I guess the Open Border strategy has not worked out that well for them. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of idiots.

NB: You make lots of bold statements. Do you ever get hit with negative feedback, if so…what do people say?

RMZ: Sure. I usually get called a "faggot". I have learned from the Internet that I am a gay man who likes Asian girls. The Internet is a great learning tool.

NB: Btw, I read your post where you openly declare that Grace Park is cute. I actually wrote a post called "Breaking Hawaii Five-O News: Grace Park is really Hot!"
So we are on the same page with that.See my Post on

NB: Have you ever said anything on your vids or written something you regretted?

RMZ: Not really. My videos are pretty raw and honest. Even though I frequently use satire, my videos always reflect my thoughts at the time. I know that some videos will piss off certain people in the audience. But, what is the phase that African-Americans say? Oh yes, I try to keep my videos real. And that is not easy to do. There is a tendency to try to get people to like you. You always have to keep an edge.

NB: Who is the dumbest person in American politics?

RMZ: I don't know. That is like asking who is the dumbest porn star in America. Intelligence has nothing to do with politics. Mostly it is smoozing with the right people and selling your soul.

NB: RE--Dumbest porn star = the one that thought she wouldn't end up in a diaper (ouch!)

RMZ: heh.

NB: It was on Tyra once.

NB: Who is your hero?

RMZ: zeFrank.
Back in 2006 he pretty much invented what you now see on Youtube as video blogging. Most of the popular YouTube "celebrities" (that phrase always makes me lol) copy his style. What is cool is that zeFrank just did videos for 1 year and then he quit. At the height of his popularity. Most people just keeping going on and on until they become stupid parodies of themselves (Hi Rush Limbaugh!).

NB: I’ve asked about your ambitions, but what are your wildest dreams for

RMZ: To shut it down before it gets too stupid.


NB: Aside from what are the best blogs on the internet that we have not yet mentioned?

RMZ: I have wrote a couple of articles for:

Spear that!
“I’m thinking Jon LaJoie would have a good response to that.”


  1. Ramzpaul is a good man

  2. Epic, RamzPaul is a hero.

  3. My two favorite youtuber accts is Ramzpaul and CelticAngloPress

    Lots of resources and satire.


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