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pop-up, you say?

Pretty cool! See as follows:


New York City, July 27 --

This Saturday from 10AM to 8PM, 24 lucky couples will be legally wed in two Pop Up Chapels at the Merchant’s Gate entrance to Central Park in NYC. In order to accomplish this feat, Architizer published a design competition – requesting submissions of eight-by-eight foot ‘pop up chapels’ to be erected onsite within two hours, and to house the ceremonies throughout the course of the day.

Out of nearly 60 submissions, ICRAVE was announced as the winning design team last Friday.

ICRAVE is a young, creative and fearless branding and interior design studio based in Manhattan. With environments that engage and energize customers, ICRAVE has catapulted to the top of its field, becoming one of the world’s most sought-after firms in lifestyle, hospitality, restaurant and experiential design.

In addition to design, ICRAVE is often called on to reinvent existing and already successful brands, taking their brick-and-mortar design, visual branding and marketing messaging to the next level.

Locally, ICRAVE has established a reputation for delivering a lion’s share of Manhattan's top nightclubs and restaurants including Pacha, Pangaea, Crobar, Tenjune, Koi, STK, Abe & Arthur’s, Simyone Lounge and Provocateur.

Nationally and globally, ICRAVE has designed award-winning projects like the Holland Casino in Rotterdam, the McCormick Center in Glasgow, Scotland, the W Hotel in Atlanta, STK restaurants in Miami, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, Dusk Nightclub in Atlantic City, Haze nightclub -- a 20,000 square foot nightclub in Las Vegas’ famed Project City Center development -- and Jetblue's Terminal Five Experience (T5) at JFK International Airport.

“Design for us is about making people aware that the energy of a space is informed by the people who not only inhabit it but choose to participate as players in a scene” says ICRAVE founder Lionel Ohayon, the Canadian-born designer who has grown the firm from a two-person studio to a 25-person, multi-million-dollar firm in just under eight years.

The ICRAVE Pop Up Chapel was designed to be a unique escape from its surroundings, providing a private sanctuary for the ceremonial union of two people.
The chapel’s main form is a framed cube with a lightweight wire mesh ceiling. At each intersection in the mesh, an acrylic ‘ribbon’ is attached, patterned to leave a parabola-shaped interior gathering space. The exterior ribbons are white and full-length, but give way to vibrantly colored ribbons, revealing an energetic and flowing interior backdrop for the ceremony.

From the private interior of the ICRAVE chapel you can see breaks of light and glimpses of the surrounding environment. At the end of the ceremony, each couple is going to be asked to tie two of the ribbons together in a symbolic knot, leaving their mark on the chapel. At the end of the day, the chapel is going to be dismantled, and all materials will be reused.

In celebration of this very exciting moment in time, ICRAVE is donating $1 to the Human Rights Campaign for every 'like' they get to their facebook page through Saturday.


Working with one of the largest hospitality operators in Russia, ICRAVE will be introducing a new high-end live karaoke style concept in both New York and Miami.

Opening in August is a new ICRAVE-branded fast casual concept STK OUT, which builds off of the already popular STK restaurant brand and will be launched in Midtown New York.

Working with EMM Group - the owner/operator of Abe & Arthur's, Simyone Lounge and Tenjune - ICRAVE is opening 'Catch' in September -- a multi-story seafood restaurant with three bars, an oyster/sushi bar, chef's kitchen and lounge with an outdoor terrace in the Meatpacking District, NYC.

And opening next year is a full renovation of the food and beverage spaces and gate hold areas at Terminal G in the Minneapolis St-Paul Airport as well as dining concepts, media bars, retail concepts and gate holds which will reinvent the airport experience in the Delta Terminals at La Guardia and JFK, New York.

+ ACI - Excellence in Airports | JetBlue’s T5 at JFK
+ International Design Awards | STK
+ Hospitality Design – Best Fine Dining | STK LA
+ IIDA - Best Restaurant | STK
+ Hospitality Design - Best Lounge | Hyde
+ Hospitality Design - Best Fine Dining Restaurant | Koi


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