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Sara Haines: Social Media Guru for KATHIE LEE AND HODA

Kathie and Hoda are possibly the biggest thing I miss about not having a TV. No, what am I saying? They are ABSOLUTELY the biggest thing I miss. I love these two ladies in the morning! And their sidekick, social media superstar Sara Haines, who spends the national later morning talk show discussing what fans are saying via the Facebook and Twitterverses.

this is Sara in a slightly different context:

Fun fact: her nickname is Sage! (Kathie gave it to her- thanks Wikipedia!) 

Anyway, I happen to be friends with Sara Haines via the good old Facebook, because I love her. and I was like "let's ask her some questions, self!" to which she responded in a very good nature. BEHOLD, BURNING KATHIE AND HODA SECRETS REVEALED!

How did you get involved with such a position? For a morning talk show, it feels pretty unique!

Sara:  I worked behind-the-scenes here at the Today show for 7 years before becoming a contributing correspondent. I started an online vlog called "Backstage Pass" where I interviewed celebrities while they were waiting in our green room. Slowly, my role grew as I started to "tease" the vlog on the earlier parts of the show and then started doing segments during the 4th hour about making tech easy for people who are intimidated to get started. I think the role is unique because I ascended during a time when broadcast television was placing an emphasis on digital content. It was a perfect storm of sorts, but a good storm.

What is the weirdest thing you've gotten on your (Kathie and Hoda's Facebook)? 

Sara:  I would say the strangest things that I have seen posted on our wall are not things that I can repeat. Otherwise, the content isn't "weird" as it is random at times. Sometimes I will get a post that asked me if I know what earrings Kathie Lee was wearing a week or so ago that were gold-ish? I don't even know where to start on some of them.

How many comments do you have to sift through per day?

Sara:  Between the fan page and my own facebook page, I would say I go through a hundred or so posts a day. It varies day to day, but I don't see the interaction as "work", so I end up doing it whenever I am online, including at night and on weekends/vacations.

What are Kathie and Hoda like in real life?

Sara:  What you see is what you get :) It is seamless hanging out with them before the show to when the cameras go on. The one thing people don't get to see about Kathie Lee, which is one of her best qualities, is her compassion for other people. Her shtick (on-air) mirrors that of old time comedians, but in person, she is just as funny, but the joke is usually on her. She is very self deprecating.

Finally-not necessarily weirdest per se- what was the most memorable Facebook action that's taken place on the Kathie and Hoda page?

Sara:  The most memorable moments on Facebook have been the many amazing and touching posts. Social media has allowed us to be one click away from our fans and how the shows affects them. It's been really special to experience.

You have to agree though- you have a fairly awesome job, no?

Sara:  Yes, I have the best job. A day doesn't go by that I don't know and appreciate that.

there you have it! I actually had one of my comments about furries read on the show. what to say? furries deserve discussion. SO if you have a TV (cough) and live in America, YOU BETTER BE WATCHING THIS SHOW AT 10 AM ON NBC OR I DON'T WANT TO TALK TO YOU ANYMORE

The Facebook

many thanks to Sara, she's a lovely girl! hopefully one day I can be in the audience of the show and get one of Kathie Lee's albums. my collection is incomplete without one! 


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