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Today, in Gwen Stefani/No Doubt lyrics!

Hello there sportsfans! It's 103 degrees in New York and I am currently re-hydrating in my apartment after the most miserable subway ride of my life. So if this post is a little late, you will see WHY. I'm even wearing a dress and still soaked in my own sweat. YEAH SUMMER HEATWAVES IN THE CITY

I was a little confused about what song I should pick this week. At first I wanted to do a b-side...but No Doubt has a rich b-side catalog. And that would be opening Pandora's Box, I feel. 

So I went with my favorite No Doubt song. I picked "New."

So I love Gwen's hair and make-up in this video. Does this girl ever look bad? NO. 

Did you know that song was for the soundtrack of the 1999 rave-glorious film Go? Do you even remember that movie? No I haven't seen the whole thing. I was like 11 and thought that was what cool people did, things like they do in the movie Go. Plus my parents wouldn't let me see it...I do remember it always being at Phar-Mor, though, along with Can't Hardly Wait

what an all-star cast that film had. for reals.

cutting to the chase, here are the lyrics:

My normal hesitation is gone
And I really gravitate to your will
Are you here to fetch me out?
'Cause I've never had this taste in my mouth

Oh you're not old
And you're not familiar
Recently discovered and I'm learning about you

New, you're so new
You, you're new

And you're consuming me violently
And your reverence shamelessly tempting me
Who sent this maniac?
'Cause I never had this taste in the past!

Now there are those out there that will insist this song is about Gwen flirting with bisexuality. After all, as I know it, "New" was one of the first songs penned for Return of Saturn (mostly because it was in demand for a soundtrack). That's simply not the case. As nice as it WOULD be to have her playing for both teams, I don't think Gwen rolls that way, yo. This song is simply about her infatuation with Gavin Rossdale, which happened while No Doubt was touring with Bush (and the Goo Goo Dolls....yeah) and how different ("new") it was for her to fall for a guy like him. When you compare him to her ex, No Doubt bassist Tony Kanal, I guess it is like apples to oranges.

Why doesn't anyone take Gavin seriously? Gwen sure does!

Well the two have been together, on-and-off since, so I guess love is formed on really weird tours. And it leaves a taste in your mouth. O_O

why aren't raves in anymore? Dammit now I want some E. 

also, on a similar note:  Bush are releasing an album soon. Be grateful, bitches. B. KEMP OUT

p.s. our hearts go out to our friends in Norway :( 


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