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Which Emilio Estevez Role is the Best ?

It is a simple question.
Which Emilio Estevez Role is the Best?

Does he look Hispanic to you?
Maybe it's just me that doesn't see it.

And here you go.
The Way (2010)

2008 Two and a Half Men (TV series)
– The Devil's Lube (2008) … Andy

2006 Arthur and the Invisibles
Ferryman (voice: English version)

2006 Bobby

2005 The L.A. Riot Spectacular
Officer Powell

2003 The 3 Wise Men
Jimmy (uncredited)

2003 The West Wing (TV series)
Young Jed Bartlet
– Twenty Five (2003) … Young Jed Bartlet (uncredited)

1997 The Wonderful World of Disney (TV series)
Gordon Bombay
– D3: The Mighty Ducks … Gordon Bombay

1996 D3: The Mighty Ducks
Gordon Bombay

1996 The War at Home
Jeremy Collier

1996 Mission: Impossible
Jack Harmon (uncredited)

1994 Saturday Night Live (TV series)
– Emilio Estevez/Pearl Jam (1994) … Host

1994 D2: The Mighty Ducks
Coach Gordon Bombay

1993 Judgment Night
Frank Wyatt

1993 Another Stakeout
Bill Reimers

1993 Loaded Weapon 1
Jack Colt

1992 The Mighty Ducks
Gordon Bombay

1992 Freejack
Alex Furlong

1990 Men at Work
James St. James

1990 Young Guns II
William H. 'Billy the Kid' Bonney

1988 Young Guns
William H. 'Billy the Kid' Bonney

1988 Never on Tuesday
Tow Truck Driver (uncredited)

1987 Stakeout
Bill Reimers

1987 Wisdom
John Wisdom

1986 Maximum Overdrive
Bill Robinson

1985 That Was Then... This Is Now
Mark Jennings

1985 St. Elmo's Fire
Kirby Keger

1985 The Breakfast Club
Andrew Clark

1984 Repo Man

1983 Nightmares
J.J. Cooney (segment "Bishop of Battle")

1983 The Outsiders
Two-Bit Matthews

1982 To Climb a Mountain (TV movie)

1982 Tex
Johnny Collins

1982 In the Custody of Strangers (TV movie)
Danny Caldwell

1982 Making the Grade (TV series)
– Guess Who's Coming to Class? (1982) … Dwayne

And yes, he wrote and directed "Bobby!" Shia TheBeef got owned in that one.

So which one is it?

Mighty Ducks?
St. Elmo's Fire?
Young Guns?

Of course, there is the seldom mentioned "Stakeout," and I only bring it up because somebody thought to make "Another Stakeout."

I mean, he did kind of beat up Judd Nelson in "Breakfast Club."

So I will have to pick his performance in "The Mighty Ducks" as Gordon Bombay. (He doesn't look Indian either.) But which MD film? D-1, D-2, or D-3?

Instinct tears me between the first and second "Mighty Ducks" films, and I think I might have to pick "D-2: The Mighty Ducks."

No joke. This was so close.

I say this because as a kid, this one was more fun for me to watch and so much of that was because of Gordon Bombay.


  1. I'm driven to say Emilio has never failed me. he is a beautiful man.

    THAT WAS THEN THIS WAS NOW SHOUT-OUT S.E. HINTON such an underrated film ahhhhhhhh



    I love that movie so much.

  3. I feel like we discussed this before.


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