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The best little show I have never heard of before.

To me, in the past, Starz was a shitty channel my family got in the summertime for a week for whatever reason. It was populated with recently released films and long, drawn-out previews. This is the breadth of my experience with the channel until fairly recent. 

Enter:  Party Down. Mike suggested this show to me as something he had read about with positive buzz, which is easy to see upon watching. The show is insanely well-written. Like, you know how whatever Charlie Sheen's old show is is the opposite of a high-brow show? Well this is not that. They made a Chekhov joke on it, for the love of God! Who does that?

What I'm confused by was how this short-lived show (on Starz with such an amazing cast:  Adam Scott pre-Parks and Rec and always resembling a bird more or less, Lizzy Caplan best know as JANIS IAN from Mean Girls who is insanely hot here, a dude that looks like the poor man's Owen Wilson, JANE LYNCH OUR GOD IN HIGH HEAVEN, and the ever-chipper/creepy Megan Mullally who replaced Ms. Lynch when Glee ate her soul) just went completely under my radar until now. I'm usually on top of these things! You know this! It's why I started this blog!

Paul Rudd actually produced it and Fred Savage (WONDER YEARS) directed a few episodes. So it had that going for it as well. Party Down (RIP) lived from 2009 to 2010. And it was beautiful, it its time. You can easily find some clips of it online. Let me share:

Kristin Bell!

"Nothing too depressing; the Holocaust is shit!"

Anyway, the crux of this show is that it follows a group of failed Hollywood (well, struggling might be the more positive term) actors and writers who are members of the catering group PARTY DOWN and the bizarre situations they run into. It's worth to watch every last episode, which I just did. The actors' timing is on cue and episode to episode, it's easy to follow. Like it's one long seamless movie, which a lot of shows don't seem to do anymore.

I can't recommend it enough really. And it makes me sad it's gone off the air. :(

question:  did you ever watch this show before? WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME ABOUT IT TWO YEARS AGO?

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  1. Promo work by Nader Boulberhane

    Adam Scott is Man's Man!

  2. Yes I watched and I'm pretty sure I mentioned it.

    Adam Scott is better in this than he is Parks and Rec!


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