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A new artist, in New York. Who does PYROGRAPHY

Priscilla Crockett is one "self taught" artist. Her story is a little bit of an unique one:

"When I was in high school I wanted to take art classes & my parents made me drop it for Spanish," she explained to the UC via email. "I left town that day, ended up in Oregon & raised three kids there. Now the youngest is 14. A few months ago I decided it's time I live my own authentic life, so I sold everything I owned and moved to NYC to make my art career happen...Sink or swim and I don't intend to sink!"

A big move, a bold move, but a needed move.  

"I have so many different styles and techniques and I attribute that to the absence of professional training." she goes on. "I have been told that organized art schools would have narrowed my creativity & essentially 'ruined' me. My motto is "Imagine outside the box!"

I am getting lazy, so Ima let Ms. Crockett do the talking from now on:

"So, what do I have to offer NYC? Diversity, energy and inclusion in the creative process! I have a collection of coloring posters for those who would like to be a 'part of the art', I absolutely love doing custom works, I offer portraits, caricatures, murals, illustration, I can do just about anything you can imagine..."

I just need everyone else to know that! I want to be the artist you call when you stained your favorite shirt and need something awesome painted over the stain, creating a one of a kind designer garment for a fraction of the price! I also want to be the one you call when you need a colorful framed work for your wall, or a portrait of your favorite pet, or a mural to create an amazing space in a dark corner of your home or office. I believe that art appreciation need not be in a frame on the wall ...aka IN THE BOX. That's why I started painting umbrellas, scarves and beach totes! They aren't ready to be unveiled just yet ( I just started this project) but the 'in progress' feedback has been pretty exciting. 

Another awesome thing I do, that I will be showing soon I hope, are 3-D textile works...I need a fancy name for them! I use one peice of cloth (sheet, pillowcase, etc.) and manipulate the wrinkles and folds of the cloth into a scene. Truly the most challenging of all my techniques. I have immediately sold all I have ever made, so I suppose I need to make a secret collection for a showing!"

"At the Chelsea show, everyone loved my abstracts, but then were captivated by my pyrography...burnings in paper or wood. I have only paper burnings on display at that time. They got a LOT of attention!"

her ultimate plan is this:  I want to teach creative vision! One of my immediate goals is to set up a learning center of some kind. I have some abstract techniques that I can teach anyone to do (kids and adults). I just need to organize a time and a space. In the meantime, to prevent starvation (good call) and pacify my need for creativity, I will be attending the Tattoo Learning Center upstate in September (as seen on TLC). That will help keep the lights on and showcase my creativity!

here are some of her pieces:

for more, go hurr: 

we wish her all the luck in the world!


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