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Of the sky and it's rim.

Picture the scene:

Surrounded on all sides you draw your enchanted long sword from it's scabbard, eying up the four bandits surrounding you for their greatest threat. You decide it's the guy with the big axe. As a side thought, you notice he's wearing a very nice Elven helm which would not only improve the defence your head recieves, but look bloody great on you.

You charge forwards, swinging your sword with all your might, taking the strongest bandit from life with one swing, though taking a blow from behind as you do. Deftly dodging another blow, you kill a second bandit as you step to the side. 

Turning to place the final two bandits in front of yourself, you hear a gutteral, bone chilling cry. It came from far too close for your personal comfort. You slowly raise your gaze, just in time to see a 40 foot long beast drop from the sky behind you, picking up one of the bandits, rising high to the sky and dropping the unfortunate luggage to the ground.

You stare in awe at the dragon, though you feel your leather greaves cling to the inside of your leg in an uncomfortably telling way. The final bandit, having gathered his wits and fled, has left you to face the dragon alone. You tighten your grip on your sword, and call upon the power you were born with. You are Dovahkiin, and you have the power of the dragons.

So, that's basically how my brain works these days. There's a game coming out on the 11th of November, and it looks incredibly good. The Elderscrolls V: Skyrim, it's called. It's the follow on from a series that's done very well for itself in the world of video games. The previous two games, Morrowind and Oblivion, have both won game of the year, and countless other awards in various fields.

They create whole worlds for you to get lost in, making anything possible. Well, I say anything, my characters always seem to have a bladder of steel, but there's some places you just don't want to go. But indeed, they are created with the rule of be who you want to be, and go do whatever you want to do. There's a main quest, but if you don't want to do the main quest, no pressure, go massacre everyone in that town over there instead. You won't be able to buy anything from the shops anymore, but hey, everything is free now.

But aye. Skyrim comes out in November, I'll be buying it. I'll be ignoring my girlfriend just to play it. Expect a whiny blog in November about how she dumped me.

For more information on Skyrim, or if you click around, the whole Elderscrolls universe I give you which is the most comprehensive wiki I have ever seen.



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