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Today, in Gwen Stefani/No Doubt lyrics!

I'm beating you to the punch this time! :) 

Does this seem like a cop-out because it's NOT?  I was on the train yesterday and I rocked the shit out to this song. it felt weird, but I was deliriously happy for twenty minutes, so why not take advantage of it! 

"Just a Girl" was really No Doubt's big ticket to fame. It became an anthem. A staple, if you will. God, if you will! Poetry workshop flashbacks ensue! 

This stands alone in the No Doubt canon, as it is not some big-hearted confession or sappy true-life moment. Which, you know. I think is commendable! It shows Gwen's ability to step out of frame when it comes to songwriting. It also features the awesome phrase "rule of thumb" which actually goes back to the olden days when it was perfectly acceptable to beat on your spouse. Sigh! Good old days!

I always found that intriguing, by the by.

So it's a little deeper than it looks. Would Susan B. Anthony approve? Who cares! It's no "I Am Woman Hear Me Roar" but for a moment in the '90s this had the power to unite jaded teenage girls into rallying mobs. 

OK, so rallying mobs may be a little strong, but "I Am Woman" is pretty weird, let's be honest with each other. I remember when I was a kid going to the Cleveland Science Center and they had one of those robots you type text into and it spits it back at you. My best friend (Jon) and I entered the lyrics to "I Am Woman" and were appalled by how ridiculous it sounded in a robot 1970s voice. then we wrote "I ate poop" several times and our group mom didn't appreciate that. Just saying.

Fun fact:  this song is featured in the CLASSIC FILM Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion. That movie will stand the test of time as a monument in cinema. Especially when they're watching Pretty Woman in the start and mocking Julia Roberts.

Man I can't believe the 90s were like twenty years ago. Are we getting old, Generation XL or Z or whatever they call us? 

In more recent and relevant No Doubt news, it was recently revealed No Doubt are working with MAJOR LAZER on their new album. That's right:  DIPLO. shit is going to be off the chartssssssssssssss


  1. Are we still generation y?
    and are the newbies generation (y)2?

    Romy and Michelle FTW!!!


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