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The Tottenham Riots

I know I've already posted today and on the other times I've posted about things resembling real news rather than pop culture stuff or negative things Britt has spanked me (possibly why I'm doing this, I mean, I do like it a bit rough), but I'm sat watching the news and it's talking about the Tottenham riot that happened yesterday.

I'm not sure what people not from England will know about this, so I'll give a brief on what happened, or at least, what the news says happened. Someone (I forget his name, but I gather he was a London "Gangsta"), I think his name was Mark Duggan, but that might be some celebrity I read about or just a name I made up. shot at a police officer who then shot back, using real bullets. I say real bullets, because police here usually use rubber bullets or some other, non-lethal method for subdueing wrong doers.

In protest of the injury/death of this Mark Duggan there was an afternoon and night of rioting and looting in Tottenham, an area of London which has plenty of shops and the like. Mark Duggan's getting shot was apparently unjust because the police officer wasn't actually injured, his police radio stopping the bullet. Hello? The police officer was shot at. What do you expect him to do? If one bullet has been fired, I would strongly suspect more to be ready and waiting so the police officer hardly has time to go up to the guy and try and handcuff a gun toting guy who's already shown he's in no mood for talking.

So, later, there were the riots and looting, in which various shoe and clothing shops were broken into. Another store that was broken into was a McDonald's. Who the hell wants to steal a Big Mac that much?

And while I realise this will fall on deaf ears, to the looters and rioters, how would you have felt if Mark Duggan had shot at you?


  1. I confess I was not familiar with these events until reading your post....but you are making 100% sense to me....I agree across the board.


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