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The Lightsleeper! (This Is The Winter Of My Discontent) has been the source for a few great band introductions, for me. The Lightsleeper is just one in the latest. His music is from a dreamy plain, something ethereal, and I find myself near-instantly loving it. It's just intoxicating. Here is a description in someone else's better words:  

electronic beats collide with chamber music as well as fat
basslines and electronic effects meet soulful, occasionally
megalomaniacal piano playing or indie guitars; the whole thing
rounded off by a catchy singing voice transporting less catchy

And you know, that's actually just about right. 

I asked this rising musician from Austria a few questions via email a few days ago. What did I find out? Well, his future seems wide open....

by the WAY, he was just nominated for an Austrian Newcomer Award! Vote for him HERE - which is 20x more applicable if you actually LIVE there, but you know. 

What made you start making music in the first place?

Christian (Lightsleeper):  I started making music as a little boy. My family is very musical. I love the many ways you can express yourself with music.

       While making music I can be myself and I feel completely in tune with the world.

Where do you get the majority of your inspiration from?

Christian:   I really have an eclectic approach to making music. There are so many influences, ideas and also technical possibilities that inspire me.
I did not choose my pseudonym "the lightsleeper" by chance. I really have a very light sleep and when I am semi-somnolent I put every influence, idea and contemplation, I made before, together.


You are touring in 2012, correct?

Christian:  Yes, my friends the liquid glam rockets and me and my live-band are going to tour Austria and its neighbouring countries. It will be called the awesomnia tour 2012. On this tour we will produce a split-live dvd, which will be released in the end of  2012. It is also planned that I am going on tour in Germany in autumn 2012.

no North American then!

How will you remember 2011?

Christian:  It is a year of transition (that's why I called my first promo-ep this way) for me. I left my former band and started a solo-project. And I moved back from Vienna to my hometown in the south of austria, where I am much more balanced and where I can  concentrate on my music much better. Now it is too early, but with some distance I maybe can say that that year was the corner stone of a successful musical project.

What should anyone new to your music know about you?

Christian:  Despite of many dark and discerning aspects of my music I am a funny and open dude, who does not always complain about the evil in the world. It is only an outlet for me and I hope I can reach many other people with the way I think.

What do you hope to see for yourself in the future?

Christian: Apart from the touring I mentioned above I will release an album in 2012, which I currently started recording and I am very excited about. For any news please visit my homepage ( or my facebook page (!

well, you read the man!


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