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Rufus: Not Totally Out of the Game!

he is adorable sometimes

First of all, I didn't think I'd be enjoying a Rufus Wainwright record EVER AGAIN. I thought the dude peaked years ago....I heard everything after Want Two and just lost total interest. Rufus broke my heart, in a way. I mean- "Greek Song, "California," "Vibrate," "In My Arms"- he's so crazy talented! but it seemed, the past several years, he had reached some baroque pop midpoint. 

Well:  he hasn't!

Enter Out of the Game, which finds Rufus channeling 1970s (almost typed 1870s.....good GOD what would that imply?!? chamber music? HARPS? JOANNA NEWSOM?) pop in a way that surprisingly works. Think David Bowie-esque (Bowie, of course, at his own poppiest) or even his own dad at intervals. 

The standouts are the above track, "Montauk," "Rashida" and "Candles." I will break down WHY for you right now:

- "Montauk":  Rufus just became a dad with his fiancee, this hot German dude (GOOGLE HIM). This song is just- such a sweet meditation on his daughter's future. Sweet and goofy. About her and her two dads. I'm obsessed with it and it also nails the kind of future I want and how my potential child might one day be embarrassed by me. Oh kid you're going to be so embarrassed; you have no clue!


Here is my criteria:
- Mark Ronson produced the album, right
- Mark Ronson was engaged to Rashida Jones
- then Rufus namedrops NATALIE PORTMAN
- I could totally see Ronson dating Portman. even if she's married. no-brainer!

here's a picture of Rashida Jones, who is one of the most gorgeous women alive: 

here's a picture of Natalie Portman:


-"Candles":  about his late mother. so, so beautiful. It's a bit of a break from the rest of the album, but it's gorgeous and unlike previous songs about his never gets overly melancholy.

The rest of the album is a pretty uplifting and fun listen, surprisingly. "Bitter Tears" is my favorite by far and no I didn't include it with the standout tracks for whatever reason. But, in fact, I'd call it my early summer soundtrack, daresay! Have a listen to his title track featuring good friend, Helena Bonham Carter

p.s. there are members of Wilco and Miike Snow on this album: 

and oh another picture of Rashida:



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