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NaNoWriMo and it feels so good. Also: CONTEST

It's almost November, and that means for us writerly types, that means it's National Novel Writing Month. If you're not familiar with NaNoWriMo, it's a month of crazy amounts of writing. The goal is to get to 50,00 words of a completely original novel. No editing, no filters, just writing all month long till you get to the goal.

I've participated the past two years, actually getting to 50,000 in my first year (humble brag be damned). Last year was...not as good. Long story short, I flamed out about halfway through. I did get some good material, but I just wasn't as committed as the previous year.

Bitch knows how to make an entrance.
I'm looking to change that. For this year, I'm sticking with my theme of reinventing a character from classic mythology. This time I've chosen Eos, the goddess of the dawn. She's an odd one, for sure, and that's why I was drawn to her. 

In the research I've been doing, one of the strangest things I've learned is that Eos is a sex addict. Apparently at some point Eos got laid by Ares, which in turn irked Aphrodite something fierce (nevermind that Aphrodite was cheating on her own husband and is therefore a big old hypocrite). She cursed Eos with insatiable desire for men.

Eos had a string of lovers, one of which will be a supporting character in my story. Only problem is that he's a cicada the size of a toy chihuahua. Tithonus was blessed with immortality, but not eternal youth. Therefore, as Eos watched his body wither away, she changed him into a cicada. Gods are weird like that.

Aside from that, I don't really have any other ideas for what Eos' new identity should be, or her supporting cast. And that's where you could help, internet friends!

Who do you think should join Eos on her--no doubt--crazy adventures this November? I'm looking for any obscure god/character from mythology (preferably from Greek and Roman, but I am open to other pantheons). Edit: forgot to mention, please no one from the main Greek pantheon please (no Zeus, Posiedon, et al)

Also, since this is a contemporary fantasy, if you have any intriguing concepts for what a former(?) dawn goddess would be getting up to, feel free to share!

But wait! If you act now, I'll throw in a shout-out to you in said story. That's right, I'll whore out the name and appearance to one of my (non-godly) supporting cast to the person who gives me the best idea/mythological character. You'll be forever chronicled in a story that has a slim chance of ever seeing the light of day! Edit: OMG I just made an Eos pun without realizing it! I reserve the right to use or not use any ideas that are submitted. To make this actually work, I'm thinking I'd need at least five submissions. If I don't get to five, then tough titties.

Sound cool? Then hit me up through the comments or my Twitter @theironkurtain


  1. About her strings of lovers; Cephalus (Seth) a Junior in high school, Tithonus (Tito) an unhappily married man and Cleitus (Clint)a passionate artist or writer. And her family, brother Helios (Harry) a forceful brute, sister Selene (Helene), father Hyperion (Harold) a drunk or distant man, mother Theia (Thesa) a weak woman or cheating materialistic woman.

    Jeffrey Petit Bois.


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