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Is "Vertigo" really the best movie of all time?

Perhaps you heard not too long ago that "Vertigo" was named the best film of all time by British magazine Sight & Sound. This is in strict opposition to the commonly accepted idea that "Citizen Kane" is, in fact, the owner of this title. So somewhere, Orson Welles is quaking in his big grave.

This begs the question- well, is "Vertigo" the best movie in history?

If you asked me, and no one did for good reason, I would have said "Casablanca," which is truly an epic, historically-rich romance. Ingrid Bergman and Nazis:  WHAT gets better than that. This side of Easy Mac- UM NOTHING.

So "Vertigo." I recently rewatched it because I didn't have anything better to do one Sunday night.

neither did he.
Have you seen the movie? It's certainly a film that deserves repeated viewings. It's kind of hard to accurately's trippy. 

The premise boils down to a fear of heights- hence the title. The main character, Scottie, has a HUGE issue with heights, as we learn in the beginning. Oh, also, his real name is John, but he goes by Scottie or Scotty. WHY? It's like how people named John also go by Jack. Makes no sense at all to me. Hitchcock does a great job of capturing Scottie's vertigo, in fact, my understanding is this film is rather groundbreaking. Now, you watching it with almost 60 years of perspective and can be dated at times. 

He also has this assistant that's in love with him, the girl with glasses pictured above. She is like the Megan ("Mad Men") of this film. She probably likes jazz and reads Ginsberg and may be going on the pill in several years. I like to think this girl became a hippie and hung out with pre-crazy Jane Fonda at least once (and pre-"Monster in Law," it's worth saying. Ugh).

The girl HE is in love with, though, is the blonde (surprise!) wife of a man who hires him to watch her. Of course, he sees her (Kim Novak) and is smitten instantly. But it's a lot more complex than that. Example:  she goes to an art museum and stares at this picture of some dead lady all the time. I don't know why that's a sign to not get involved, but she's a curvy blonde and we all have our weaknesses. My weakness is...haha like I have just one! LOL

The film's plot is baffling and unbelievable at times, but there are several great scenes (ESPECIALLY at the end!) and part of the rules of cinema is to suspend disbelief. However, this all being said, as much as I personally enjoy "Vertigo," I don't know if it merits "best film of all time" status. Top ten, yes. But perhaps I just need to watch it again. 

Well, what says you, Peanut Gallery?



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