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The Walking Dead: A Midseason Recap


So, for those of you who haven’t been keeping up on The Walking Dead here is a quick recap of the first half of season three: 
Andrea teams up with Michonne (a sword-wielding-loner) after being left for dead by the group. The two are captured and taken to a military like compound called "Woodbury.” Shortly upon their arrival Michonne leaves the compound when she begins to suspect some sneaky doings by the military-esque leaders. Turns out she’s not wrong as the leader of the group aptly called, “The Governor,” has been keeping his walker daughter locked in a closet with a bunch of heads… 

Talk about a conversation starter.
Group Rick finds shelter in a Prison and, after a tiff with some prisoners, two more members join their group. Lori dies, FINALLY, and the baby (having been cut from her womb) has managed to survive. Once the baby is, uh, birthed? Yeah. Birthed. Carl shoots Lori in the head to keep her from turning. 
"That's for not getting me that PlayStation, B*tch!"
Even as an avid Lori Hater I could not help but shed a tear at this dramatic moment. Not because of her selfless sacrifice (B*tch what are you doing getting knocked-up during the zombie apocalypse?) but because it’s a major turning point for the group. 

Rick goes off the grid for a few episodes but luckily Daryl is there to take lead until he comes back. T-Dog throws himself to the walkers and allows Carol to escape. She is found a few episodes later by *drumroll* Daryl! Daryl whose role is becoming much more defined as second in command. 
 Oh yeah, and Hershel loses a leg. 
A new set of survivors is introduced at the end of the midseason finale. Carl lets them into the protected sector of the prison but promptly separates them from the remainder of the original group. Just like Rick would do. Props to lil' Rick.

Glen and Maggie get captured and (unbeknownst to Andrea) taken to Woodbury. The Governor threatens to kill them and after some extended torture they finally reveal the location of their strong hold, the Prison. 

Before they are captured Michonne overhears Glen and Maggie mention the Prison. She shows up at the front gate, half dead, with a basket of baby food. When she recovers Michonne tells Rick the fate of his group mates and offers to take him to them. 

Rick, Daryl, Prisoner #1, and Michonne storm the fortress to save Maggie and Glen. In the scuffle the Prisoner, whose name escapes me at the moment, dies.
We hardly knew ye Prisoner #1.
Michonne kills the (already dead) Governor’s daughter and just wrecks the sh*t out of his eye. Andrea finally gets to see the true nature of the man she’s been knocking-boots with for weeks as he throws Merle and Daryl to the wolves. He blames attack at Woodbury on them. 
Reunited at last <3
The episode ends with a crowd chanting “kill them,” The Governor being a d*ck, and a torn looking Andrea. 

Hopes for next season: 

I would really like to see Angela die. I know she started out as one of the good guys but she is WAY too much of a loose-cannon. She was like BFFs with Shane and now she has aligned herself with yet another enemy to the group. I also don’t like that she just turned her back on Michonne at the first chance for d*ck.

I would also like to see the return of Morgan and Duane Jones. These characters were the first people Rick encountered after waking up from his coma and it would be pretty cool if their paths crossed again. 

I like Merle, and I'd like to see him join Team Rick, but I think it's just best if he dies. He can't be trusted and I feel like he would either but heads with Rick or turn Daryl from the group.  

Finally, I would like Michonne to kill the Governor. Dead. Just like she did his walker daughter. This guy is not mentally stable enough to run the town and the idiots the follow him blindly can be extinguished as well for all I care. Plus it's just super bad ass watching her slice down f*ckers with that sword thing. 


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