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2 Broke Girls recap: And Too Little Sleep

This episode starts with some good ol' hipster bashing at the cupcake shop, as an obnoxious hipster guy asks for another refill. In response, Max mocks him for wearing overalls. All of a sudden, the guy starts drumming his hands on the table, which pisses Max off even more. Caroline reminds her not to give attitude, as they're not in the diner. She also tells the guy to help himself to a fresh mocha almond refill.

Andy walks by the shop and Max waves, but Caroline doesn't seem too happy about it. "He didn't die just because you stopped letting him touch your boobies," Max explains. Moments before Andy walks into the shop, Caroline runs and hides in the back, blaming Max's wave for starting it. "I'm sorry, my hand is friendly. Ask any guy in high school," Max justifies.

Andy asks Max how Caroline is doing. He also wants to make sure everything's cool between him and Max, as she hasn't texted him a picture of an unlikely animal friendship in a while. After he leaves, Caroline comes back out and declares he got fat since they broke up. "It's only been four days," Max says. "Wynonna Judd gets fat in an hour," Caroline remarks. A sleep-deprived Max pulls down her pants, without realizing she's still at the cupcake shop.

At the diner, Caroline falls asleep standing up while taking an order. Han berates the girls, and Max insists they're tired from working two jobs. In the kitchen, Caroline tells Max she just hung up from a very panicked phone call. "The guy from the record store called to say I have super gonorrhea?" Max asks. Actually, it was a woman who called to confirm her order of 1,000 cupcakes for the next day at 10:00 a.m, which Caroline forgot to tell Max about because she's been tired. "I'd rather have super gonorrhea!" Max exclaims. To make the order, the girls rush out of the kitchen as Caroline pretends to be sick, with Max announcing she might have super gonorrhea.

The girls are in their shop's kitchen making the cupcakes. Max gets a text from Andy with a picture of a deer nursing a turtle. He also asks how Caroline is. Max thinks he's not over Caroline, but Caroline reminds her that he was the one who broke up with her. "Maybe he regrets it. Maybe you two are like Chris Brown and Rihanna, minus the punching and the duet," Max jokes.

Caroline notices the oven is wobbling; she assumes the wood thing under the leg is causing it. Before Max can explain that it's the shim holding the leg up, Caroline kicks it out of the way, breaking the oven. Since their oven at home is too small, the girls race back to the diner and admit they lied to get off their shift. Despite being mad at the girls, Han agrees to let them use the oven and any of the supplies they need. Han, Earl, and Oleg volunteer to stay after hours and help. "Because of my childhood, I won't be able to process the fact that you've all just done something nice for me, so if I run into you in ten years and start crying, this is what it's about," Max pours out.

Han is having a hard time frosting the cupcakes. Max puts her arms around him to show him how it's done, but he ends up squeezing the bag a bit too hard. "It's okay, Han, it happens to a lot of guys their first time," Max taunts, then moves him to batter.

This is what I call premature frosting

Later on, after everyone else has left, Andy sends Max a picture of a cat and a dolphin kissing. Caroline seems upset about it, so Max asks if she wants her to stop texting him, but Caroline assures she's fine. The girls realize one of Max's earrings is missing. They search through the batter for the earring, but it's not there, meaning it must be in one of the 900 cupcakes that are already baked. Caroline says they have to start pulling them apart, but Max refuses to do it—she would rather "hitch a ride West and become a sister-wife" than start over.

As they rip up the cupcakes, Max suggests texting the woman and telling her they can't do the job, but Caroline insists they need the $4,000. She grows angry at Max, accusing her of putting her texting friendship with Andy before her loyalty to her best friend and business partner. She also thinks Max should respect the "girl code" and not keep in touch with her ex while she's trying to move on.


Conversely, Max faults Caroline for forgetting to tell her about the cupcake order sooner. They start throwing smashed cupcakes at one another when Andy suddenly shows up to help, after receiving a text from Max.

While helping Caroline in the kitchen, Andy admits he's been thinking about her a lot since they broke up, and that he might have overreacted to her obsession with the cupcake shop. Caroline says that even though it didn't work out, they still care about each other. Max comes in as Caroline walks out with a tray of cupcakes. Andy says he has to "break up" with Max as well, or else he will always be asking her about Caroline. "Last guy who dumped me, I burned down his house and moved," Max jokingly threatens.

The girls finally get to go home. Caroline admits that when Andy told her he'd been thinking about her since the breakup, she realized she'd only been thinking about the cupcakes. Max gets a text on Caroline's phone from the woman who ordered the cupcakes, saying they loved the cupcakes. Caroline realizes she switched the aprons after wiping them down, and she finds Max's earring in the apron she is wearing. Caroline is too tired to pull her bed down, so she says she will be sleeping with Max. "No, you're not, you have super gonorrhea," Max quips.

Current total: $4,900.00


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