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Reverse Advice Column/ Pre-Teen Throwback Article

So instead of preaching to the masses I thought, this time, I’d reach out and ask for some input. I am legitimately at a loss in this case and could use some insight. Beware, this article reads like a pre-teen diary entry.

If the readers of the UC can’t help me, I don’t know if anyone can.

I have a handful of people in my life I consider, “best friends.” One I grew up with since 1st grade, one I met in high school, and one I’ve known since 10th grade who I really got to know in college.

If I ever get married, these three lovely ladies will be my bride’s maids. 

No "these" three. But the dresses are boss, 

I have a fourth best friend I’ll never ask to dawn a tangerine-taffeta-dress, though. 

We met through mutual friends about three years ago and got super-close super-fast. As much as I care about this friend HE tends to complicate things for me. 

I find it difficult to balance having a best-guy-friend and a relationship. Every time I bring a new potential suitor around, he is subject to approval by my guy friend who I will refer to as GREG, hereafter. 

Sometimes Greg does not like the new guy I bring around and I have to listen to criticism for the duration of the relationship. Greg also makes me feel guilty at times for hanging out with the new man over him. 

I try to be patient, but lately it’s been wearing on me. 

Greg has this friend I’ve been interested in for a while now and has made apparent that he does not approve of my liking him. 

Instead of saying his peace and moving on, like my gal pals would do...

Greg tends to tear down his friend to me, and has even gone as far as to physically stand between us on the RARE occasion we are in the same room. 

I really do not know what to do. I like Greg, as a friend (we established a long while ago that would be the only title we would ever hold) and I care very deeply about his opinion, but I can’t help but become infuriated when he does something like that. It feels at times like he oversteps his boundaries. 

I find that having a best friend that is a guy is the end-all-be-all of cock blocks. 

After discussing this with him on a number of occasions I find the situation remains the same. I really don't want to hurt his feelings but it's getting exhausting. 


Should I give up on this friend, back off for a while, citing that time after time he complicates things? 

Or should I give him the benefit of the doubt, and realize that he truly has the best intentions at heart? 

I bet TSwift doesn't have to deal with this sh*t. :-/  


I'll just write a song about it. 

And for the record this is not the direction my writing is going. This was experimental.



    if you make me wear one of those dresses I will slap you.

  2. You will wear it and you will like it.

  3. In my opinion, regardless of your discussion, he is still into you.

  4. Yeah, he is attracted to you in a more than friendly way. Making himself a physical barrier between you and someone "Greg" knows you're interested in is completely territorial. He might as well club you over the head and drag you back to his cave. Sorry, that shit wouldn't fly with me.

    I have a handful of best friends too and a few years back I had to cut ties with one of them. It was the most difficult thing I've ever done, but it has been the best decision in the long run. (mine wasn't a romantic issue, more like the girl became a drug addict that stole from me repeatedly and manipulated me into feeling guilty when I confronted her)


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