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2 Broke Girls recap: And the Window of Opportunity

Hey, guys. I apologize for yet another late post, I just had a lot going last week. Still, I obviously wouldn't miss out on recapping the second season finale of 2 Broke Girls. Shall we?

Han puts everyone in charge of tidying up the diner for health inspection. He is so determined to get an A rating that he even made Oleg wear a more conventional attire—as opposed to his usual tank tops—and three hairnets. "Is he making omelets or crystal meth?" Max mocks.

Caroline comes in after Han paid her to get her nails done so she would be his "show pony" for when the health inspector shows up. Max asks Han why she didn't get a beauty treatment too, and in response, he pays her $75 to stay away from the diner. While at the nail salon, Caroline heard about a branding seminar for business owners that she wants to attend with Max, who is reluctant. "I went to a seminar once. I was almost married to 300 Koreans."

The health inspector arrives. She seems austere at first, but she is soon won over by Han's politeness. Caroline shows Max a flyer she printed for their yard sale, so they can make the $600 they need for the seminar.

At the girls' apartment, Max and Caroline are prepping their yard sale when Sophie walks in with a few of Oleg's belongings, which he's been leaving around at her apartment. Caroline suggests that Sophie might be having intimacy issues since Oleg told her he loved her, but Sophie is not interested in Caroline's girl talk. Instead, Sophie gives an indirect ultimatum by saying that Oleg needs to change or he's out.

An odd man, along with his wife and their bird, arrive early for the yard sale. He is unimpressed by Caroline's allegedly "vintage" items, but he offers $600 for the entire collection of Max's McNugget Buddies. Max declines, saying they are not supposed to be on sale. As the couple exits, the man warns his wife that he will take it out on her with the punishment pillow when they get home. "So much for a horse in a hat being the weirdest thing in this yard," Max sighs.

Back at the diner, Han announces that the diner got a B rating. He's not pleased at all, and decides to call the health inspector about it. In the kitchen, when Oleg announces his plans to spend the night at Sophie's, Caroline discloses that Sophie is feeling smothered. "She feels smothered? Have you ever tried motorboating those cans of hers?" Oleg asks. "Once, but I was very drunk at the time," Max reveals. Oleg decides he is done changing for Han or Sophie, as he strips down to his leopard-print underwear. "I'm back, baby. Spread the word!" he says before leaving. "I think he's gonna be spreading more than the word," Max quips.

A pissed-off Han storms in wanting to kill someone. "Did they cancel The Suite Life of Zack & Cody?" Max taunts. Han tells the girls that the diner received a B rating due to the conditions of the backroom, which no one even knew existed. After Han unsuccessfully attempts to move away the rack that blocks the door to the backroom, Max pushes it with ease and kicks the door open like a badass. Since Han needs his A by Friday, Max hesitantly offers herself and Caroline to clean the room to get the money for the seminar, although Caroline isn't too keen about it.

As the girls clean the room, a nest of dead roaches falls down on Caroline, sending her over the edge. Max finally agrees to sell her Happy Meal toys. At the apartment, Max is saying goodbye to her McNugget Buddies when a fuming Sophie barges in and tells the girls Oleg cheated on her, followed by an obnoxiously shrill scream. She feels the need to break things, and since everything in her apartment is too nice, she starts smashing things from the girls' apartment, including Max's Happy Meal toys. What a cunt. Wasn't she the one complaining that Oleg was too clingy?

Max and Caroline are forced to return to the diner and finish their job cleaning the backroom. As they wash down the walls, Max implies that the seminar is a stupid idea, prompting the girls to blame the failure of the cupcake business on each other in a passive-aggressive manner. Max also berates Caroline for sticking her nose into Oleg and Sophie's relationship, which led to Sophie breaking her Happy Meal toys. After attacking each other with pressure washers, both waitresses declare they are done. On her way out, Max accidentally electrocutes herself and falls unconscious. A panicking Caroline revives her with CPR as she sobbingly pleads her best friend not to die.

Caroline brings Max to a window she had earlier discovered so Max can get some air. When a hipster guy sees the girls and asks if they are a store, they come up with the idea of a cupcake walk-up window. Sophie walks by and asks the girls if they are "turning tricks in a window like they do in Amsterdam." As she spots Oleg's car parked outside, she pulls a hammer out of her purse and mercilessly smashes the windshield. "Well, some people open windows, some people smash them," Caroline tells Max.

Current total: $1,540.00

Although a bit time-consuming (I'm a perfectionist), recapping this season of my favorite sitcom was really fun, and I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did. I'm not sure whether or not I'll be recapping season three, but either way, see you guys back in September!


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