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Some Things in Pop Culture/Culture This Week

I just returned from a late breakfast at the bus stop. I know that sounds glamorous, and believe me, Kim Kardashian dreams of my lifestyle.

Actually I was doing a lot of thinking. Seeing as how I'm now returning to normal so to speak, my thoughts aren't as morbid or as masochistic as they have been.

I'm going to share them with the world now.

1.) Miley Cyrus insults Sinead O'Connor's mental health- Okay, I am a fan of neither, but that is just LOW. Scumbag low. That's like insulting someone's physical condition. As you can deduce by my previous post, I kinda hate Miley. And I think Sinead is not the greatest but Miley has proven herself to be a tactless bitch. I am no Freud, but I think Ms. Cyrus has her own demons, so it's like the pot calling kettle black, really.

2.) Mia Farrow discusses Woody Allen's alleged sexual abuse in Vanity Fair- This was news to me. I love Woody Allen; he's a talented writer and director. However, it's another case (like J.D. Salinger for example) of art vs. artist. Allen apparently, according to Farrow and her daughter (boy she has a lot of kids), sexually abused said daughter as a little girl. Jesus. I knew Allen had married his stepdaughter (ugh), but to me that's a dealbreaker. Yet, he seems to be carrying on fine with his life. The allegation could not be true, and perhaps Farrow is just seeking another fight, but I'm unsettled. How do people get away with these things? Here's the Salon piece that explains this better than my ramblings. I really dislike the idea I've been supporting a potential pedophile for years...

3.) The middle class is basically gone. This is disturbingly true. The wealth gap is only worsening, and nothing seems to illustrate that better than this govt shutdown we're experiencing. HOLY SHIT WHY HAVEN'T THEY ENDED IT YET THIS IS REDONKULOUS (sp? w/e). And it's quite, quite scary: Look at most revolutions and what led to them.... I believe we may be existing in a pre-revolutionary period. The one percent has too much and the rest of us- well, we don't seem to matter, do we? You had the Occupy movement, which was an attempt to change things. But that was more or less a joke; I hate to say it. It didn't accomplish much. Still, if the state of the country doesn't upset you, then I don't know what will.

4.) This shutdown really needs to end. I say this as John Boehner is getting a pedicure somewhere.

5.) Jennifer Lawrence was told to lose weight for a film role. It's absurd; SHE'S GORGEOUS. There is nothing wrong with her body. It's just Hollywood and those ridiculous standards again. I commented on this story; I'm sure the woman I replied to has probably struck back at me by now. But it's true- you can't just tell a person to lose weight or that they're fat and expect them to lose 20 lbs. If a person really needs to lose weight and they decide they want to, then it will happen. Whoops! Plural pronouns. 

6.) Someone made Fiona Apple cry in Portland at her gig. The heckler basically criticized her appearance and insinuated that Apple will die some time soon. :( I kind of agree, she's not looking super healthy, but perhaps she's just tired? Anyway, that's the kind of issue that's reserved for INTERVENTIONS WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY NOT RANDOM ASSHOLES IN AUDIENCES. Seriously, Fiona, if you ever read this: call me. We can hug it out. You're wonderful.

7.) Here's Mayer Hawthorne covering Lorde's "Royals:"


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