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2014–15 TV Season: Renewals and Cancellations


I know I've been slacking off for a while now, but I decided to dust myself off and write my annual coverage of the broadcast networks' fall schedule announcements. This year's post might not be as elaborate as my previous ones, but I'm still putting my heart (and trademark sass) into it. Enjoy!


Renewed: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.CastleThe GoldbergsGrey's AnatomyLast Man StandingThe MiddleModern FamilyNashvilleOnce Upon a TimeResurrectionRevengeScandal
Cancelled: The AssetsBack in the GameBetrayalKiller WomenLucky 7Mind GamesMixologyThe NeighborsOnce Upon a Time in WonderlandSuburgatorySuper Fun NightTrophy Wife
New series: Agent CarterAmerican CrimeThe Astronaut Wives ClubBlack-ishCristelaForeverFresh Off the BoatGalavantHow to Get Away with MurderManhattan Love StoryMembers OnlySecrets & LiesSelfieThe Whispers

I really fucking hate you, ABC. Last year you cancelled the flawless Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 (no, I'll never get over it—deal with it, bishes), now you go and cancel Suburgatory?? NOT COOL! It was so fun and witty, and in my opinion, it was the network's best sitcom after Apartment 23. There's still some hope, though: Warner Bros. is reportedly trying to find a new home for the show, with sibling TBS among the possibilities. Though I'm not sure if Jeremy Sisto being cast in the upcoming A&E drama The Returned would affect the future of Suburgatory, if it still has any. If not, I really hope to see more of Jane Levy in the future, she's so talented.

If it wasn't for Revenge, I'd be totally done with ABC. As my own personal form of revenge (heh), I refuse to watch any of their new shows next season. The upcoming sitcom Fresh Off the Boat is written and executive produced by Apartment 23 creator Nahnatchka Khan, so maybe it's worth a shot. Other than that, ABC can go choke on a big fat dong.


Renewed: 2 Broke GirlsThe Big Bang TheoryBlue BloodsCriminal MindsCSI: Crime Scene InvestigationElementaryThe Good WifeHawaii Five-0The MentalistMike & MollyThe MillersMomNCISNCIS: Los AngelesPerson of InterestTwo and a Half Men
Cancelled: Bad TeacherThe Crazy OnesFriends with Better LivesHow I Met Your Mother (final season) • HostagesIntelligenceWe Are Men
New series: Battle CreekCSI: CyberThe McCarthysMadam SecretaryNCIS: New OrleansThe Odd CoupleScorpionStalker

Yes, 2 Broke Girls remains one of my all-time favorite sitcoms. I found the third season to be pretty consistent—there were lots of funny episodes, but overall, I felt it wasn't quite on a par with its two preceding seasons. Additionally, the season finale marked a series low for the show, even though I really liked that episode. I just hope it doesn't have anything to do with the fact that season 4 won't premiere until October 27. Whatevs, 2 Broke Girls still rocks in my books.

Poor Sarah Michelle Gellar. Her CW drama Ringer got the axe in 2012 after only one season, and now her latest show, the sitcom The Crazy Ones, has followed suit. I really liked the show and the cast—although Robin Williams' character was way over the top and unbearable most of the time. As much as I appreciate Gellar's comedic efforts, I wish she would play another sexy, bitchy, psychotic villainess in the vein of the iconic Kathryn Merteuil in 1999's Cruel Intentions.

Same. Well, for the most part

I hear Gellar's former Buffy castmate and one of my girl crushes, Michelle Trachtenberg (also known for playing devilish schemer Georgina Sparks on Gossip Girl), was cast in the comedy pilot Save the Date earlier this year, but unfortunately, CBS has nixed it. Sigh. I do hope she lands another regular role on TV soon.

Oh, and the upcoming season of Two and a Half Men will be its last. About fucking time.

The CW

Renewed: The 100ArrowBeauty & the BeastHart of DixieThe OriginalsReignSupernaturalThe Vampire Diaries
Cancelled: The Carrie DiariesNikita (final season) • Star-CrossedThe Tomorrow People
New series: The FlashiZombieJane the VirginThe Messengers

The Carrie Diaries has been cancelled. Well, shit. Excuse me while I go jump off a cliff.

Yes, I know the ratings were crappy, but I seriously loved this show. I really needed a fun, engaging teen drama to fill the void of Gossip Girl (I'll never get over that, either), but people don't seem to care for teen dramas anymore. In order to prevent a new addition to my list of favorite shows gone too soon, I've decided to start my own campaign to bring The Carrie Diaries back, with a little help from none other than...

...the First Lady herself!

Okay, jokes aside, seeing AnnaSophia Robb as Carrie Bradshaw was such a delight. Who'd have thought Carrie was a cutie pie before turning into a whiny, horse-faced pain in the ass with a fabulous wardrobe and an apartment in the West Village?? And while everyone was busy swooning over Sebastian, I only had eyes for Walt. I also loved Carrie's stylish, free-spirited boss, Larissa, as well as the younger version of Samantha—especially their scenes together.

But it's Carrie's frenemy, Donna LaDonna (played by Chloe Bridges), who takes the crown as my favorite character on the show. I mean, her name alone is something else. At first, she may seem like your typical bitchy, confident, sexually active high school popular girl, but as the show progresses, we get to discover a more humane side of her. I'm not going into details for the sake of our readers who haven't yet watched the show, but hopefully have been inspired by my post to do so.

Wise words to live by

Needless to say I'm really going to miss The Carrie Diaries.
The good news is, you can currently catch Bridges in a recurring role on Pretty Little Liars! Her new character, Sydney Driscoll, is nothing like Donna, but knowing the show, anything could happen.

I've recently finished the first season of the period drama Reign, and turns out it really is kind of like Gossip Girl meets The Tudors. The show is as addictive and dramatic as a modern-day teen drama, but set in the 16th century. I'm looking forward to season 2.

Among the new series debuting this fall is the comedy-drama Jane the Virgin, a loose adaptation of the Venezuelan telenovela Juana la virgen. The show has earned comparisons to another American dramedy based on a Latin American telenovela, Ugly Betty. Both series even share an executive producer, Ben Silverman. The trailer for Jane the Virgin seems pretty funny, and since I really love (and miss) Ugly Betty, I might add the show to my watchlist.

Now here's the obligatory Chace Crawford photo, just because.

Ugh, why so handsome?


Renewed: Bob's BurgersBonesBrooklyn Nine-NineFamily GuyThe FollowingGleeThe Mindy ProjectNew GirlThe SimpsonsSleepy Hollow
Cancelled: Almost HumanAmerican Dad! (moved to TBS) • DadsEnlistedRaising HopeRakeSurviving Jack
New series: BackstromBordertownEmpireGothamHieroglyphLast Man on EarthMulaneyRed Band SocietyWeird Loners

Let's face it, New Girl is just not that funny anymore. There, I said it. The show tries way too hard to be all "quirky" and shit. Ugh, don't even get me started on Jess and Nick's boring, annoying relationship. I don't mean to sound angry or anything, I'm just not sure I'll be tuning in next season.

After catching a few episodes of The Mindy Project on TV, I've finally decided to start watching it, and I'm loving it so far. Well, I'll love pretty much any sitcom set in New York, but I'm really digging this one. I intend to binge-watch the first two seasons before season 3 premieres.


Renewed: About a BoyThe BlacklistChicago FireChicago P.D.GrimmHannibalHeroes (revived as a miniseries) • Law & Order: Special Victims UnitParenthoodParks and Recreation
Cancelled: BelieveCommunity (moved to Yahoo! Screen) • CrisisDraculaGrowing Up FisherIronsideThe Michael J. Fox ShowRevolutionSean Saves the WorldWelcome to the Family
New series: A to ZAllegianceBad JudgeConstantineEmerald CityMr. RobinsonMarry MeMission ControlThe Mysteries of LauraOne Big HappyOdysseyThe SlapState of AffairsUnbreakable Kimmy SchmidtWorking the Engels

After NBC cancelled Community in May, it was announced on June 30 that the cult-favorite comedy will be returning for a 13-episode sixth season this fall on Yahoo! Screen! I must say that the show's cancellation hadn't quite sunk in. Although I found the past few seasons to be rather underwhelming, I was obsessed with the show during its first two seasons, and I thought at least one final season was possible somehow. Well, it's happening after all! Also, creator Dan Harmon is on board, which is a good sign, considering the show kind of sucked while he was gone.

Despite the revival, some of the cast members have lined up gigs outside Community. My favorite on the show, the lovely Gillian Jacobs (because really, Britta > Annie), has recently nabbed a recurring role in the upcoming fourth season of HBO's Girls, which premieres in early 2015. Jacobs describes her character, Mimi-Rose Howard, as "a multimedia artist who doesn't agree with Hannah's interpretations about art and challenges her ideas." I'm so excited, even though Jessa is pretty much the only reason I still watch Girls. (Season 3 was quite an improvement on the preceding one, I'll give you that, but still...)

More awesome news: The comedy pilot Mission Control, which stars goddess Krysten Ritter, has been officially picked up!!

The show has yet to be scheduled, but don't worry, it's definitely happening. Ritter will play Dr. Mary Kendricks, a smart, strong aerospace engineer who leads the Apollo team at Mission Control at the NASA Manned Space Center in the 1960s. As a woman in a male-dominated workplace, Mary soon finds herself clashing heads with a macho astronaut in the race to land on the moon.

That other comedy pilot Ritter did for NBC, Assistance (which I mentioned last year), is apparently dead. Too bad, it looked like a fun show as well. Nevertheless, we're still getting a much-needed fix of Krysten Ritter on TV! The girl is mad talented, she definitely deserves her own hit show. I really thought Apartment 23 was the perfect fit for Ritter, and while I believe her unique portrayal of Chloe is a hard role to top, perhaps Mission Control could become NBC's next hit sitcom, given that the upcoming seventh season of the network's current longest-running scripted show, Parks and Recreation, will be its last. Fingers crossed!

Don't forget to share your thoughts in the comment section, or else this image shall forever haunt your dreams:


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