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when i lose my sleep it's you i miss


I am back from S.D- albeit a few pounds heavier (UGH you know what I have to do the rest of this stupid break that's flying by my head right now), tanner (a killer farmer's tan....right?) and with no viable new contacts to speak of (:( sorry). I did go to a few interesting seminars and got some inspiration of things to do in the the music criticism one (which made the whole conference more worthwhile for me than ever) I spoke to the creator of this website and she was all kinds of cool/helpful. there was also a photographer from Pitchfork there but I could not speak to her for the life of me, half of it being that stupid shyness and the other half being the girl that would not step away from her for a second.

That being said, I have no inclination to staying in the Erie-Edinboro-Hell region after graduation. For having spent the entirety of my life in this damp corner of the universe, I think it's time I go elsewhere. And let me tell you, that public transit system? God damn! Now I know it wouldn't be me all wearing white shirts, drinking fancy drinks, listening to Nouvelle Vague and rewriting "Hills Like White Elephants" on a rickety typewriter but if I could make room for that once a week I'd be happy. Like I've said, time and time again, working at a Jamba Juice, walking to work everyday, becoming some tan fitness-happy beach bum and living at a place I found on Craigslist (with my English degree) that would be like- NIRVANA, I swear.

back in Erie and almost halfway done with Spring Break (where did it fucking go!) I saw The Honorary Title last night at Forward Hall with a slew of other bands that left little impression on me (we peaced out before the Scene Aesthetic took the stage- they seemed pretty good from what I heard on beforehand, it's a shame). The band itself was excellent, even if their set was too short. But oh. my. God. Scene kidzzz? what THE fuck. what THE fuck. why is it when I go to shows anymore I feel like I'm in some bad fashion magazine populated by twelve-year-olds? I don't get it! I will never be hip or very good-looking or fashionable or anything of the sort, I came to terms with that a while ago (kindergarten). but I just don't understand why seeing a band live has to be more about the social atmosphere and keeping up with some dumb image instead of actually enjoying the music and having a good time. They were so loud and obnoxious, too. I remember being like, sixteen and going to see the AKAs at the Hangout and although that too made me uncomfortable (hay social anxiety- those situations flare it up real bad) I don't remember it being anything like that! It was just sad a show that could have been awesome was ruined by a bunch of, I don't know. wannabe hipsters? whatever. when I went to go see Deerhunter in November, the hipster factor was also a major deterrent. I like to go to a show and think that somebody wearing size 2 skinny girl jeans is not sizing me up with their sideways haircuts, but they are. I should start listening to Michael McDonald. I don't think his fans would be so mean.
Plus there's a whole rudeness factor. Just sitting there and BAM! some girl that comes up to my bustline (if I had a bustline) is knocking me to the side to get into the crowd screaming "I FUCKING LOVE THIS SONG!" now I would not be so offended if she could only learn to master the saying "EXCUSE ME." That's all I ask. Manners, people, manners!

SPEAKING OF CONCERTS, as I mentioned before (below Al's "Milk" post btw- want to see that, good movie!) my favorite band EVER is going on tour this summer. NO DOUBT is hitting the road with Paramore (?) and The Sounds (regardless of what Jens says, I like the Sounds! they're peppy). A full list of dates can be seen at their website BUT they will be in Pittsburgh on June 13, Cleveland on June 29 and Darien Lake on June 26 (with Janelle Monae, who would be cool to see- I just read about her in Spin the other day, gosh darnit).

There is no way in hell I am not going to at least ONE of those. Likely Pittsburgh because it's a Saturday and the House of Blues didn't leave a good taste in my mouth last year. NO DOUBT will also be making another dream a reality and be appearing on GOSSIP GIRL (!!!) May 11th. Because that show is so ridiculously close to my own life, I am dually excited.

Also, see The Nines when you get the chance. A good movie with Ryan Reynolds? It exists. It just makes you think a lot, which can be dizzying when you're operating on two hours of sleep.

also, because I am on SB, there will be a lot of updates in the next few days. consider it blogger diarrhea.

- Brittany


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