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The 25 Best/Worst Americans

WELL a conservative blog poll selected the 25 best and 25 worst figures in American history. To find out what they picked, click the links! Instead of discussing those selections like a credible commentator would, I'm going to post my own list (with jokes). If you are a member of this blog, feel free to click the EDIT button below and add your own lists to this post, modify my selections, or discuss them in the comments section.

Peace (through strength),

Top Best Americans
1. Redd Foxx
2. Ke$ha
3. Andy Kaufman
4. Dr. Phil
5. Bill Cosby
6. Brittany Kemp
7. George Costanza
8. Richard Pryor
9. Johnny Cash
10. Bob Dole
11. Wolverine
12. Frank Sinatra
13. The Planters Peanut Man
14. Thomas Jefferson
15. Horatio Alger
16. Sheila K
18. Zach Owen
19. Sarah Palin
20. Claire Danes
21. E. Joyce
22. Sanjay Gupta
23. Beyonce + Jay-Z
24. Paula Abdul
25. Justin Bieber's mom

Top Worst Americans
1. Hitler
2. Oscar the Grouch
3. Julia Roberts
4. James Franco
5. Marjorie Diehl Armstrong
6. Tipper Gore
7. Judge Judy
8. People that kill people
9. that former governor from Illnois whom name I cannot be bothered to spell Job Bloadofemjckz
10. Nancy Grace
11. Sean Hannity
12. Willy Wonka
13. Colonel Sanders
14. The cast of THE VIEW
15. Ellen Page (Canadian)
16. Babar
17. Alexander Hamilton
18. Pork Barrel Spending (totally legit)
19. Macauley Culkin post-1994
20. Barbara Streisand

Neutral Americans:
1. Kardashian sisters
2. cast of Jersey Shore

This is all I can think of for now. To be continued.


  1. - I'd like to think I'm a little better than Bill Cosby!

  2. LOL you should be before Hitler at least

  3. Top 25 Best and Worst Armenians
    1. Kim Kardashian
    2. Rabo Karabekian
    3. Miranda Cosgrove

  4. can we just make a differenet category for Kardashians

    small children should have a list too.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I just invented a new word. Rebecca?

  7. Top 25 best small children
    1. Hayley Joel Osment
    2. I don't know????

  8. Justin Bieber Greyson Chance

  9. @Haley Joel Osment? I still don't like him!!

    Can I say happy birthday to Demi L!!
    Enjoy life as a legal woman that can't drink Demi Lovato!

  10. demi lovato has nothing on miranda cosgrove

  11. adding more people to this I want EVEN 25s


  13. she was albanian (carmen)?

    hay que fabulosa!
    (i have always wanted to cuban myself.)



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