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The early 2000s were just that grand.

At the dawn of the new century, when we all realized Y2K was never happening, things were full of promise. Here we were riding the wave of the DOTCOM boom. Yahoo! seemed unstoppable and Silicon Valley was the place to go. CRASH. oops. well, at least we have cell phones now.


Jennifer Aniston had one obviously. Were the rest of us really ever that lucky? Do you remember how DVDs conquered VCRs in the early 2000s? me too, but at home I still have a VCR and my mom uses it for her aerobic tapes. 

and little did the CD know it would be its grand last stand! HI IPOD

electronica was really big in the early 2000s, as were the ending of beloved teenage- what would you call them!- dramedies. Dawson's Creek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. WAIT SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR IS TRYING TO HAVE A COMEBACK WHAT YEAR IS THIS


9/11 happened and changed everything for a while. By a while I mean "The Bush administration." Bringing up my mom again, because she's a cool lady, she told me to make sure I don't go out on public on the upcoming 10th anniversary. to which I responded "I spend most of my time in Brooklyn. No one will bother Sheepshead and Williamsburg will be attacked if only ironically."


here's some good electronica from the early 2000s to make this post less depressing now:

they are reuniting btw


anyway, puffy vests were the thing for a while. so were stupid low-brow romantic comedies. Varsity Blues came out in the 1990s, I know, but that was still a thing when I was growing up. which I like to think of as "the cusp of the virgin century." ha! virgin. yeah those kind of movies were epidemic.

maybe not on dogs, but middle school kids? YEAH SHIT SON. By the way, this company somehow "ethical" in its name. lolz. 

Terrorist groups got really popular! Do you think terrorists like Varsity Blues and Dawson's Creek? OF COURSE. James Van Der Beek's forehead has powers!

man of the decade easily:

second man of the decade:

he died in 2003 and more people could afford to be like him in this world!

sitcoms, the cream of the crop of the 90s, became stale oatmeal when the 2000s came around and reality TV got really, really bloated. which is sad and I'm not going to discuss it anymore. THE ONLY REALITY TV WORTH WATCHING EITHER INVOLVES CELEBRITIES GOING TO SHIT OR BRAVO. 

Clay Aiken had a career for a year. was good while it lasted.

SOCIAL MEDIA TOOK OFF IN THE 2000s. first it was myspace (no one uses this) then Facebook and Twitter and now Google + which I still don't get why are there so many circles??? I feel like a dog or someone who is colorblind!


The 2000s were like the 1990s' sloppy hangover, but by 2009 things were cool and now I don't know about anything. STAY CLEAR OF POLITICS AND ECONOMIC NEWS MY FRIENDS, BE LIKE ME AND KEEP YOUR MONEY IN AN ACCOUNT YOU NEVER TOUCH. or a mattress. or Freddie Prinze Jr's house.

"you're not an asshole, Mark!"

question:  best moment of this past NOUGHTIES? I think someone else may have done the 2000s already, but I haven't had a chance to do anything in regards to this week via having a full-time job that scares me to death.


  1. sweet post and nice rashida jones and clay aiken references

  2. haha Yahoo...what are they good for these days?

  3. best paid television actor in the 2000s: charlie sheen. sitcoms alive and well.


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