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The Purity of Today's Pop Stars

In a world where some entertainment gurus preach “sex sells,” there has been a more traditional movement taking place with the young pop stars of today…Abstinence. Presently, American TV and Films are full of storylines, which show teens engaging in sexual lifestyles, such as ABC Family’s “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” or movies like Kirsten Dunst’s “15 and Pregnant.” (I doubt most people saw that one.Not really my cup of Joe.) And who could forget Lindsey Lohan in “Georgia Rule?”
But now the up-and-coming role models of America’s youth are going through a trend of abstinence. Yes, that’s right, waiting until marriage to partake in the nasty deed. This new flavor of the month is practiced by the youth rockers, The Jonas Brothers, an extremely popular pop-rock group that has even been described as Beatle-esque. (Ok, they aren’t really. I’d give them the title of the next Hanson, and that’s it. And, yes, I’m one of the millions of people that compare Jonas to Hanson, so it must be true). It’s hard to imagine rock stars that are refraining from sensual love making until marriage. I wonder how their groupies feel. They probably just sit around with boys all day and have paper-thin conversations about spaghetti-o’s while they play video games. Eh, that doesn’t sound too terrible.
Other young stars who are in on this little fad are the Disney Channel’s Selena Gomez (“Wizards of Waverly Place”) and Demi Lovato (“Camp Rock”). Both of which wear purity rings: Selena bears it on her finger, and Demi wears her ring from a chain around her neck. Their rings both have the inscription “True Love Waits.” Ain’t that sweet. It’s not really a surprise since Selena and Demi are BFFFRs (Best Friends Forever F*ing Right) The two girls also host their own web show called The Selena and Demi Show (or something like that I forget). It’s not very good…sorry girls. Even Miley Cyrus (Who? Hannah Montana!!) is said to wear a purity ring occasionally. Even without wearing it 24/7 she still holds strong beliefs in religion and Christianity and also plans to wait until marriage. However, many people claim that she won’t make it.
One Yahoo user even stated: “A Purity Ring won’t hold her pants up!”
So maybe for her next birthday or Christmas, whichever comes first someone can get her a chastity belt with the Hannah Montana logo on it. Wow, couldn’t you just see those added to her collection of Wal-Mart merchandise? Then once she finally manages to marry one of the Jonas Brothers (probably Nick although, Joe has the better haircut. Duh!) she can start her line of Hannah Montana Birth Control Pills! I can’t wait.

So it’s clear that teens of the spotlight can resist the temptations of everyday life, and for each pop star that plans to wait until marriage. More power to you. Except you, Demi Lovato. You removed me from Facebook. WTF!

Questions and Thoughts for You Guys: Do you think Miley will make it until marriage? If you had a purity ring what would the inscription be? And do you think the Jonas Brothers are the new Beatles?


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