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Top 5 Jerry Springer Episodes

You may notice that I have a random nature about my posts, and I have posted about Jerry Springer recently, but there is a BIG reason for this.

When I googled Top episodes of Jerry Springer, I could not find a list. So Congratulations, the Useless Critic hosts the first list of Top Jerry Springer Episodes on the Web (to my knowledge anyway. this is the same as winning a grammy!!)

I’m happy I cut off my legs
The story of a transvestite, who after many times of trying to get his legs infected to the point of amputation actually cut his/her legs off with a power saw.

I’m a Breeder for the Klan
The Klan episodes of Jerry Springer are possibly the best. This one shows the Klansmen and the fascists get their asses handed to them and they look BAD (bad as in stupid.)

Mister Ooh La La (Not the real title, but the important part)
Lousy women compete for the heart of a flamboyant Frenchman, who legally changed his name to Mr. Ooh la la.

Tales of the Midget Klan
A surprising tale of a group of a little people who blame tall people and all other races for the demise of America. (It is true that the majority of murders are not committed by little people.)

The Shock Rocker Episode
El Duce of the some lousy band called the Mentors and GWAR (Brilliant metal composers) battle on the topic of shock rock, music with graphic imagery and lyrics. It’s a great way to show the pros and cons of freedom of speech in music.

Would you ever cut your legs off if you were a transvestite?


  1. I think that the audience are usually as bad as the guests, or worse. I mean, loads show off their boobs and are like yeoooooorr yaaaa look at meeeeeeee and comment really cruel things to the guests (well, I suppose they had it coming). Decent people dont DO that.

  2. whats wrong with showing off my boobs? its called expression, and the only ones who take issue are the religious morons who are marginalized in society anyhow, and most of the self-proclaimed "decent Christian" types out there are hypocrites who have their own dirty laundry...clergy who are child molesters, etc. Care to join the rest of society in the 21st Century?

  3. The Mentors are not at all lousy. Maybe literally lousy if you consider "the crabs" close enough to lice for practical purposes.... But really, The Mentors were a great band and had some truly wonderful albums.

  4. Only in America... Kung-Fu Hillbilly


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