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Smoking Around Food Puts Off Local Man!

So, on Facebook a local (to me) page called "We Are Barnsley" posted a status update that rather annoyed me. Usually they report on local news, about what schools are closed due to strikes, what traffic problems there may be. You know, stuff that might help readers. Then yesterday they posted:

Dear McDonalds staff on Old Mill Lane. I know you are people too and not just there to serve us lunch...but do you REALLY have to sit outside in a huddle outside and smoke where all customers can see you?! As a nonsmoker that has just really put me off...

In a following post after the group got blasted for being (in the words of the posters) snobbish and pig ignorant they tried to defend their claim by talking about hygiene and how the smoking area was mere feet away from the drive through window where the food is given to the customer.

I work at this McDonald's, and I am indeed one of the offending smokers (Yeah, quitting didn't go so well for me.) This one corner, which is as far away from our store as we can get, is our one refuge to smoke in relative peace. Sure, my reasons for smoking may not be the greatest, and who has a genuinely good reason for smoking, really? But my point is, I chose to smoke and McDonald's as a company, and McDonald's as the specific store I work at, has allowed me to smoke on premises in an area not used by the customers and far enough away to not be a health risk to the health of other people or to the hygiene and food safety of the store.

Go to anywhere that employs more than ten people, and I'm pretty confident I could lower the number of employees there, and I would love to know how many places you find without any smokers at all that work there.

The next time you go to buy your daughter a teddy bear, or your wife some jewellery, or something equally inedible, are you going to refuse to buy it because the girl who was serving at the till (cash register?) was smoking in the smoking shelter half an hour ago? Are you hell!

Further down in the comments We Are Barnsley spoke that it was unhygienic. I'm not a exactly a professor in this stuff, but doesn't smoking just make us smell? I know about all the health risks and stuff, but where smoking and residual things are concerned, there's just the smell. Sure, when you smoke you place your hand up to your mouth, which could spread bacteria, but by McDonald's procedure, we have to wash our hands everytime we go on shift, which would include after going for a smoke, so any bacteria would be sorted.

I won't harp on about this too much, I mean, it's a pretty moot point these days. But I will add that McDonald's as a company is a great company to work for, my store is excellent with hardworking, clean and friendly staff, and if you want to avoid smokers I'd get your fallout shelter ready pretty quick.

As another thing, I'd love to hear what you readers think. Please, comment on this, tell me your views! Am I a bad man for smoking on my break? Am I a hero for sticking it to the man and slowly killing myself?


  1. well, I'm trying to quit or at least cut down, but I think the people you are dealing with are unnecessarily bitchy.


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