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music thursday

she's pretty great! Florrie, that is.

Best Coast's newest video was directed by Drew Barrymore. Does anyone want to imagine how that conversation happened?

BEST COAST:  *passes joint*
DREW BARRYMORE:  Like, oh my god! Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu SO MUCH for dis valuable ~OPPORTUNITY~
BEST COAST:  *tweets about 30Rock*

here is said video:

Is that...Donald Glover? :O

Band The Amends released their newest album last week. Better yet- want to take a good listen at ANY of this Colorado's band catalog? Check it out: Pretty sweet of the guys! <- The album itself can be 

streamed/downloaded hurr. 

Band member Tyler Taylor says, on the band's sound:  "What we’ve tried to do with our first album is to create a kind of love letter to rock n roll—an attempt to create something new from the music that’s inspired us. Song by song, you’ll hear some blues, some punk, some indie anthems, some screaming guitar solos, some jangly pianos, and some old fashioned rock n roll. And it’s our hope that by the end you’ll also hear a unifying sound beneath the melodies and varying styles." Sounds promising, and believe me, it is. 

Faith and Mark  play dance music...who doesn't like dance music? They promise to dance you into 2012....I believe they can keep that promise....they ARE from Brooklyn, after all....

Finally, AUGUST 8TH in Brooklyn!
The Balboans are doing a show.
Yeah, like that movie. About boxing.

the Balboans are....

Loam Disher- vocals and rhymes

Tate Overton- bass and vocals

Greg Rogers- drums and bikram

Mike Crehore- numb fingered guitar and vocals

Spiritual guidance from Bobby, Rob and Torello as well
See at:
The Lakeside Lounge

162 Avenue B (corner of 10th)

NY,  NY 10009

Didn't the Beatles teach us how important spiritual guidance is?

Also, tonight at Coney Island, Aretha is doing a free show. Aretha, as in Aretha Franklin. yup.


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