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Flunking out with the UC!

Flunk is a band I have enjoyed for years. They are Norwegian and electronic; two things I adore! Their music- dreamed out bliss- has appeared in several movies and shows through the years. With plenty of good reason, too- it casts a mood.

Anyway, they just released a retrospective of their past ten years as a band. Read on to see what this means for this underrated and fabulous band, according to member Ulf Nygaard...

UC:  You guys just released a musical retrospective. What made now a good time for that?

Ulf: This spring marked ten years of Flunk records, so it seemed like a good idea.Also, we knew we would attack the new album in a different manner than our earlier recordings, so the timing felt right. We picked the songs more or less ourselves, except maybe we compromised on leaving out one or two of our less accessible tracks. And we had to leave out "True Faith," the New Order song. You just can't have TWO cover songs by the same band on a best of, can you...?


UC:  What are you currently working on? Going on tour soon?

Ulf: We are working on the next album. It might be out this year, but I have a feeling it will be next spring. It will be called "Lost Causes." It's more than half finished, and at least we should be able to put out a single this year. We tend to agree on most things, but there are heavy debating on two or three of the tracks.

We also talk a lot about touring, but that won't happen until next year. Probably we will do another China tour in the spring, and we should visit the U.S. and also some European cities. We've never played in Paris, nor in Germany, Italy or Spain...

UC:  What's the most interesting thing you believe you've accomplished musically since forming?

Ulf: Hmmmm, this question is almost too good... Not sure, really, personally I think we have made some songs that have really touched people, and that is as good as it gets. We haven't really tried to make a big chart hit, it would have killed us off, probably... Musically we haven't changed the world, I guess, though I frequently think I hear bands or acts that must have picked up things from our sound... I hope we have inspired people - in their art or in their lives.

UC:  How would you describe your music? I consider it very dreamy!

Ulf: It's dreamy, it's democratic (as in the opposite of getting in people's faces), it's very alternative and quite D.I.Y. And very melancholic.

UC:  What would you like to see materialize in your future?

Ulf: Haven't put much thought into that, we're not that kind of people, I think. I could say we'd love to see a top 10 hit in the States, but honestly, I'm not sure we want it. I would love the feeling of it, probably, but not the amount of really hard work it would bring. I'd rather sit home and make new tracks. Sorry, boring answer, but it's the truth! :-o

UC:  What's your opinion on the music of Norway? I know a lot of good stuff has come out of your country (Kings of Convenience, Annie, you guys, etc).

Ulf: Norway has a lot going on, a lot of bands which have made it to the international scene on some level, and we should be very proud. I still think Sweden and even Iceland have a lot more interesting bands and acts, though. But we do have Biosphere, Hanne Hukkelberg, Rockettothesky, a lot of great jazz people, some inetersting rock bands, but nothing like Sigur Ros or Lykke Li, I think. But as I said, a lot happening, some really good festivals and live scenes.

Any parting thoughts?

Ulf: I guess we would just like to thank everybody that like us, who sing our songs, it's thanks to them that we still make records!

And thanks to Ulf for doing this! 


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