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#2 on the Pop Culture Countdown of Moments That Were/Are of No Significance To You- Chris Brown and Rihanna: the Saga Never Ends

#2 on the Pop Culture Countdown of Moments That Were/Are of No Significance To You- Chris Brown and Rihanna: the Saga Never Ends

and God, may it never!

Why did our generation's Sean Penn and Madonna break up? Hmm, oh, didn't he hit her? *hits forehead* that must be why, duh! Gahhhhh. Rihanna, I think you are a beautiful and talented young woman, but what the hell? And Chris Brown, really?!?! Don't you have like two good songs? Justin Bieber before you, always. 

Biebs or a softball coach? you decide! 
Well, ever since these lovebirds parted ways in 2009, it's been tabloid porn, really. Paparazzis jizz for this stuff. And me? I pray they either permanently part ways or disappear a la Jimmy Hoffa.

Rihanna has been linked to a plethora of men, good ones and bad ones alike. I personally thought the Kemp guy was a good match (for obvious reasons HINT HINT). Ashton Kutcher and her were once linked, but unfortunately, Mr. Toolbag has hooked up with Mila Kunis. Don't. Get. Me. Started.

Then, things heated up when Drake (YOLO) got thrown into the mix. Him and Rihanna started becoming their own kind of item (Idaho)- Drake who also romanced Rashida Jones and (gulp) Tyra- but Chris was like O HALE NO. After a period where the two were very much apart, sightings of Chris and Rihanna became more and more frequent.

then, there is this:

and all their Tweets back and forth to and fro. You know I understand where Rihanna's mind must be at (not to mention the signals she is sending to impressionable minds of young girls), but she could have any DUDE IN THE WORLD AND SHE PICKS HIM. Whatever. This spectacle will probably not end for a while (oh hey kiss at the VMAs) and when it does involve I suspect windows will shatter, hair will fall off, skin will melt, etc.

like this: 



  1. i love birthday cake remix . . . i blog about it all the time


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