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poetry contest

hey want to write a haiku or villanelle about YOUR FIRST TIME?

so do I.


anyway SUBMIT ONE BY DECEMBER 1ST. we will post them and there will be prizes. probably my virginity.



  1. Haiku on My First Time

    not yet and maybe
    never ever, why can't just
    spooning be enough?

  2. just as my hymen
    tore, my roommate walked in the
    door. Get out, you bitch.

    ...and I'm just getting warmed up.

  3. hot breath in the night
    a kind of morbid thrashing
    Later,my cock hurt

    turn me over, i am done
    oops wait i'm sorry.


  5. Creepy hotel room
    I want to keep my shirt on
    What is happening

  6. Let's go upstairs where
    we can--talk. Sure, crash here. Shit!
    Didn't close the door.

  7. Is this legal? Not-
    in Pennsylvania. Don't tell
    Mom. Go and pray, Now.


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